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6 Tips to Clean your Kitchen Sink Properly

How to Clean Kitchen Sink


Kitchen sink can be regarded as the steel wash basin that is fixed up at a slab in the kitchen in order to clean up your utensils in it and it is used in almost every Indian household kitchen to do so. With increasing usage of this washing steel basin, there arises a need to look up for the approaches that help us do so in a smart way and thus here in this article we have come with some simple tips for you to clean up your kitchen sink in a better way.

6 Tips to Clean your Kitchen Sink Properly - HowFlux

Tips to Clean your Kitchen Sink Properly

1. Pin up the holes:-

First of all, I would like you to take a knitting needle and pin up all the holes of your kitchen sink pipe gauze. This will eliminate all sort of waste that has fuzzed in it and will make way for water to be flushed out in a better way. You can even choose to go for a safety pin or a thread needle if the gauze has got small pores in it. All the vegetable/ non vegetable waste will get eliminated this way.

2. Clean up the stains:-

Take up a good stain remover or some detergent, etc. and apply it to the stains on your kitchen sink. Let the detergent or soap stay on the stains for some time and then scratch it up with some scrub pad and then rinse the stains with water. Apply detergent solution again to get added shine.

3. Clean up the pipe outlet:-

Take out the kitchen sink pipe out and watch out if there is anything unwanted accumulating in it that prevents its way to flush out the waste. You can use detergent solution with the pipe as well. Fix up the pipe back when it gets clean.

4. If there is some blockage:-

Check up the water outlet hole if there is any external agent blocking it from flushing out the waste. If there is any blockage, you can choose to take some bamboo stick and clean up the passage with it. After cleaning up the hole, fix the other end if the pipe in it as well.

5. Rinse with water:-

Check out if whole system has got rid of all the external agents or not. Flush out the detergent applied and make the sink get cleared from all sort of agents that you applied. Switch off the tap and take a clean dry cloth. Rub the entire steel portion of the sink with it.

6. Sink cleaning care:-

While trying to clean up a sink, remember to look if the pipe gets fixed properly from both the sides or not. If the pipe does not fix properly, you will probably meet a water leakage problem and thus a great care needs to be taken. Sometimes it may become difficult to open a tap or to close it with soap on your hands and thus you should always remember to keep a mug of water along with a dry cloth in order to avoid such situations.


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