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6 Tips For Shave Bikini Area Without Irritation

Shaving Bikini Area Step by Step


If you need to look seducing and appealing enough to drive your partner’s nuts crazy for you, a bikini might be the perfect option as a bikini makes you look sexy as well as glamorous at the same time. In case you need to put on a bikini, the associated area should be perfectly shaved as the excess hair in that area may even make your partner have an unfavorable experience and thus there is a great need to shave the bikini area if you have got hair at this place. In case you need to achieve the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Tips For Shave Bikini Area Without Irritation - HowFlux

6 Tips For Shave Bikini Area Without Irritation

1. Make the Pubic Hair Get Wet with Water:-

First of all, make your pubic hair wet with water. Apply some body oil to the associated area and trim off the hair with some small scissor if it can make benefit. Rest makes usage of the other approaches like some trimmer or some hair removal or waxing technique.

2. Trim the Excessively Long Part of Hair with Scissor:-

As I mentioned earlier, the extra long part of hair should be trimmed making usage of a scissor and then even if still some hair strand is left, it can be made to undergo the threading approach so as to pluck it off in a safe way.

3. Use an Exfoliate at the Belly Button Area:-

The belly button area should be made to undergo the application of an exfoliate and then the rest of approaches need to be practiced. Even if you go for the threading approach, still the exfoliate will be an awesome choice to go for.

4. Apply Some Hair Removal Cream:-

In case if there is a bunch of pubic hairs on your bikini area, you may even choose to go for the hair removal cream based hair removal approach as well. Simply bring home some good hair removal cream like the Veet hair removal cream, apply it on the associated area and then keep it applied for the desired time. Remove it off with spatula afterwards and rinse off the skin, the hair will get removed easily this way.

5. Use the Razor Based Approach to make shavings:-

If the lower area of your bikini has got pubic hairs and the hair removal cream is not enough to get rid of all of them, you may choose to go for razor based approach or the trimmer based approach as well. Razor will leave your skin quite itching and thus we recommend you to go for the electronic trimmer instead. It will leave some part of the hair untrimmed and this way there will be no itching related to that area.

6. Apply The Oil In Case There Is Itching Reported:-

Even if there is some itching reported with the associated area, you may still choose to go for the application of itching ointments or the anti-inflammatory, soothing oils so as to get rid of this burning like sensation accompanied with itching. You will get relieved after sometime.


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