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5 Tips for Safe Winter Driving For Bike and Cars

List of Winter Driving Tips


Howsoever the perfect you may be in driving, but winters can make any perfect driver fear driving on roads as the chilling winter temperature makes the window glasses get covered up with water and sometimes the fog and hail gets so intense that you can’t even see the other person standing on the road just few meters away. Just imagine, you have to reach somewhere at a wintery night and the fog gets intense. You can’t go back as there is nothing except whiteness afterwards and you can’t even go ahead as there is nothing except again whiteness caused by the fog. In such situation you just need to follow some tips.

5 Tips for Safe Winter Driving For Bike and Cars - HowFlux

5 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

1. Fog Lamps:-

Remember to make the use of fog lamps while you are driving in winters. If fog comes, these lamps will make your car be visible to the other drivers to some extent. If the fog lamps are not working, you can choose to manage to attach some orange or red colored polythene foil with the car headlight so as to make the light more visible to the others.

2. Slow Driving:-

In winters, you are advised to always follow slow driving approaches and keep all your senses working. You should avoid drunk driving as it may make you go out of senses and thus slow driving will even let you drive with a proper driving strategy.

3. Make Use of Horn:-

Even if the fog makes everything get diminished for you and you are not able to see anything, still it is not vacuum and though light may not reach the other drivers, but sound can travel till it is not vacuum and thus you are advised not to forget making use of the horns when you suspect something to be coming. You should know how to make the usage of dipper and pass switch as well.

4. Try To Drive In A Cue:-

If you are returning late at night from a friend’s marriage in a weather with fog and drizzling cold along with the other friends in their respective cars that you are following while driving, you are advised to keep driving in a cue and keep the cars with fog lamps in the front while the cars with malfunctioned fog lamps at the last and drive in a cue maintaining a distance that makes a car visible from the other as it will save you from every unfortunate condition and the fog lamps of the cars in the front will save the other cars from meeting an accident as well.

5. Keep On Cleaning The Front Glass With Some Cloth:-

In order to drive a car in Winters, Though I won’t stop you from keeping the heater ON as it saves you from the drizzling cold, but you are advised to keep some piece of cloth or some newspaper along with you in the car so as to clean the fog deposited on the front glass and make you get the front view to some clearer extent. Repeat cleaning the front glass in every 15-20 minutes as the water droplets and fog keeps on depositing soon on the front glass sometimes. You can even choose to keep the driver side window glass slightly open so as to prevent it to some extent.


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