Top 10 Important Tips and Tricks for Computer

Computer has become a thing of necessity rather than being a thing of need these days. It serves to be a second wife to men who keeps a record of all his things including the necessary files that he needs and just like a husband can’t think of surviving without a wife, a man these days can’t even survive with his computer device as well. While working with the computer, we often experience some problems that get hard to be tackled sometimes and in order to tackle such problems, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

10 Important Tips and Tricks for Computer

1. Keep Softwares and Files in Drive Rather Than Keeping Them in Documents:-

First of all, you have been advised to have all the uninstalled software versions be kept in a folder inside the one of spare drives rather than to keep them inside the “My documents” or desktop as when the windows gets corrupted, the data in drives can be saved but the data on desktop and my documents always gets lost.

2. Keep on Clearing The temporary Files:-

There will be some temporary files that get created partially when you are using some of the software like a browser or some word processing software etc. this scrap or junk temporary file can be deleted immediately when you see it so as to have your computer working in a better way. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

3. No Two Software of Similar Kind:-

It has also been seen that when you have got two software of similar kind run within the same device, the one software is likely to partially block some of the functions of the other software and thus this should also be kept in consideration.

4. Check for the Drivers If There Is Some Problem:-

In case you have got some new device which is not working, say you have got new speakers that work within some other gadget but are not working with your system; you will need special drivers for that gadget to operate with your system. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

5. Set a Default Browser:-

If you are fed up of the fact that when you open a specific browser, the other one gets opened, you should reach the control panel and set the desired one as your default browser.

6. IDM For Downloading Fast:-

For better and faster downloading over the system, first that can be done is to increase its RAM and the second thing that can be done to it is to download IDM software in it to boost the internet speed. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

7. Photoshop For Making Your Selfie Beautiful:-

The world today is the world of selfies or pictures and as everybody tries their best to make their pictures look perfect and blemishes free, you can download the Photoshop software in your computer so as to experiment with the backgrounds as well as clearing of the face marks or blemishes.

8. Do Not Click a Spam:-

Never try to access a mail that goes to the spam folder or is from someone you don’t recognize and even if you open it, do not download any free software that it shows. Never believe on the mails that you receive from unknown mail users. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

9. Do Not Install Anything from Untrusted Site:-

There are various fraudulent websites that create a kind of mask for the website say you will actually be taking it as the reserve bank of India’s website but actually it will be some fraud trying to befool you and thus you should double watch if the link that you are clicking upon is perfect and real or not.

10. Do Not Share Till You Are Confirmed:-

Last but not the least, never click any mail that asks you for your ATM card’s number or password so as to transfer you the funds. No one in this world can make you a billionaire in seconds without your own hard work and thus stay away from giving your password to the fraudulent people. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

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