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Thyroid Cancer: Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment

Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment


The diagnosis of a thyroid cancer includes the search of the thyroid nodule by physically examining an individual. a endocrinologist or an thiroidologist may also be referred as both are specialised in their fields as the ultra sound is performed most often to confirm if any sort of nodule is present in the body or not. the approaches like ultra sound have the ability to detect the presence of a nodule in the body and to assess the status of the entire gland.

Thyroid Cancer: Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment

Thyroid Cancer: Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment

Thyroid simulating hormone and anti-thyroid antibodies may be measured to determine if there is a functional thyroid problem such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. To achieve a definitive diagnosis as a result, a fine needle aspiration cytology test is usually practiced and achieved in accordance to the Bethesda system before judging on the treatment

The Classification of a thyroid cancer includes the histopathological characteristics.

The following variants may show a regional difference those are distinguished by the distribution over various subtypes

1. Papillary type of thyroid cancer:- this type of thyroid cancer is seen in about seventy five to eighty five percent of the cases being the most common form of thyroid cancer found mostly in young females. The prognosis is found to be an excellent one and the possibility is that it may occur in females with a familial adenomatous polyposis and with Cowden syndrome.

2. the second type of thyroid cancer is follicular type of thyroid cancer which is seen in about ten to twenty percent of the cases occasionally in patients with cowden syndrome.

3. the third type of thyroid cancer is the Medullary thyroid cancer which is found to exist in about five to eight percent of the total number of cases.

Being an initial step in thyroid cancer treatment, The Treatment of thyroid cancer involves the approaches like Thyroidectomy and dissection of central neck compartment. In some of the cases an operation to preserve the thyroid may also be applied. though the watchful waiting strategy is not usually preferred in any clue-based guideline but when the thyroid type of cancer starts exhibiting a biological aggression of low range, there comes the turn of surgery.

if the cancer becomes unresectable. but when the cancer recurs after the resection or to give a sort of relief from the pain of bone metasis. The Patients suffering from thyroid cancer with problems like medullary, anaplastic, and most Hurthle cell cancers are not benefitted in any manner from this approach though an outer irradation can be used.


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