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6 Things to Reduce Cortisol Levels in your Body

Lower Cortisol Levels


Cortisol can be understood as a steroid hormone that is produced by humans in response to the stress and low blood glucose. The purpose of this hormone is to increase the blood sugar and suppress the immune system, aiding the metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates in human body. Having a high level of cortisol in body is linked with various problems and if you wish to lower the level of cortisol in your body, you may choose to go for the simple to follow tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Things to Reduce Cortisol Levels in your Body

6 Things to Reduce Cortisol Levels in your Body

1. Take less stress:-

It has been observed that cortisol is produced majorly because of the excess stress that people take in their schedule as a response to that and if you need to lower the cortisol levels in your body, thus you will need to minimize the stress that you are taking in your schedule. Simply avoid everything that leaves you stressed and you will be able to lower cortisol in a better way.

2. Add Meditation to your schedule:-

It has been found that meditation if done on a regular basis can prove to have a breathtaking effect for you so as to lower the level of stress that you come across in your everyday lives and thus helps you control the level of cortisol as well.

3. Keep blood glucose under control:-

The blood glucose of unregulated can also result in making the cortisol get produced in an uncontrolled amount in your body. If you wish to bring it under control, you are supposed to make a check over your blood glucose level and thus take every measure that keeps it under control.

4. Take enough rest:-

It has been seen in a study that those who take enough rest in their schedule are much likely to have controlled level of cortisol in their body than the ones not doing so. Rest rather relieves you against stress, which is a major cause of production of cortisol in an individual. Taking enough rest, thus you are relieving yourself against the stress that the day’s workout left you with and thus you are able to lower the level of cortisol in your body as well.

5. Less workload:-

You are advised to take less amount of workload if you wish to balance the amount of cortisol and lower it in a better way. It has been seen that those people who take excess workload in their schedule are much likely to meet problems like stress and if you lower the amount of workload in your schedule, you are rather reducing the amount of cortisol in your body.

I know you will now say that you need to work more to earn more, but chap think again, what would you do with this money if your health is put up at a sake of it and we work for our comfort not to spoil our comfort. Take only that much workload that your body system can afford to do and keep cortisol level balanced this way.

6. Stay comfortable with others:-

Another thing that we observed to bring stress in people’s lives was that they were not able to maintain healthy relationships with others and met a clash much often. Like suppose you had a quarrel with your wife in the morning, this will leave you stressed and you won’t even be able to concentrate on the work as well which will again increase the stress level. This makes the level of cortisol arise in your case and thus I will rather advise you to stay comfortable and friendly with others so as to avoid the stress related to work and family.


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