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6 Essential Things to Make Homemade Butter

How is butter made


Butter is one of the dairy products which can be made churning fresh or fermented cream with a churning machine or a blender. In the villages of India, Women also use a “rayee” or a wooden churner in order to ch

urn cream to make butter from it. In other cases, one can make butter with an electric churner as well. Butter serves to be an ideal ingredient in sauce making as well as other such cooking based purposes. You can purchase butter from any market based dairy shop or you can make it yourself at home following these simple tips.

6 Essential Things to Make Homemade Butter

6 Things to Make Homemade Butter

1. Collect Cream Daily in a Vessel:-

Indian women make butter by collecting cream (malaayi) daily from their milk by first heating it to make it get boiled and then by cooling it to result in cream formation. In professional purposes or factory based purposes, people use the process of centrifugation in order to take the cream out from milk.

2. Add Water to it:-

The cream stored in the vessel is then taken out in a slightly big container and we add water to it. Water will make the churning process possible as most of the content in cream is solid when we take it out from the milk.

3. Add Some Salt If You Wish:-

In some cases, people also add a suitable quantity of salt to make butter taste better. Adding salt to butter results in a better formation of cream. Fermented cream is always a better choice to make butter and you can keep storing cream for this purpose for a week or two. It all depends on the amount of milk that you get daily for your home.

4. Use a Churning Machine:-

There are two kinds of churning machines available in markets these days. One is wooden churning machine which can be bought into use if you have a small amount of cream available with you for making butter and if you have a big amount of cream available with yourself, you can use an electric churning machine for this purpose.

5. Collect the Cream from Top:-

When you switch on a cream churner after adding some water and salt to it, the churner will make water stay at the bottom and resulting butter will come at top of the churning vessel. It will be a solid mass and thus you can easily pick it with hands. You should not add more than enough amount of water to your cream as it may result in making water get mixed with cream instead of resulting in formation of butter. In some cases where the resulted butter is not in solid form, you can try the process again.

6. Store in an Air Tight Container:-

The butter resulted this way can be stored in an airtight container and you can use a spatula to take some amount of it to be applied on chapattis and to your cooked vegetables in order to enhance their taste. These days, even the local restaurants serve their dishes with homemade butter because of the great taste that it adds to a particular dish.


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