What Things Irritate Your Husband

What Things Irritate Your Husband


To irritate someone refers to provoke impatience, anger, and displeasure in someone and when husbands get troublesome, you have to irritate them. In most of the cases where a husband is full of what makes you irritate, it is better to irritate him back. There can be many reasons to the question why you need to irritate your husband as there can be various situations that can make you feel the need of it, but if you have made your mind to go for it, the following tips can be bought into use:-

What Things Irritate Your Husband

What Things Irritate Your Husband

1. Keep the TV Switched on Even When He switches it off:-

Most of the husbands get irritated when they are watching their favorite cricket match and just then their wife comes and switches the channel. In order to irritate your husband, you can also perform the same trick. Just reach the room when he is watching the television and pick up the remote in order to change the channel. Your husband will really feel irritated when you change the channel.

2. Pretend Like You Are Just About To Vomit:-

In some families there is a rule to sit together on the dining table to have food. In such families, all the people sit together and enjoy their food together. In such a time, you have to stuff up your mouth and pretend like you are just about to vomit in your husband’s plate. He is sure to get irritated this way.

3. Go Somewhere Without Even Telling It to Him:-

One of the other ways to irritate your husband is to leave house without even telling him. Just move out of the house, saying that you will be back in one hour, but stay outside for a long time. He will keep on getting irritated and bored while waiting for you at home and he is sure to ask you for a reason when you come back. Just pay no heed and give no answer when he asks this from you and he will get irritated further more.

4. Wear A Sexy Outfit in Group of People:-

Bring a short western dress for yourself and wear it without any bra in your house. Move in a sexy outfit to a party when your husband asks you to come with him. Get involved with the other guys there in the party and don’t refuse if anyone else asks you to have a dance with him. No husband likes to see his wife dancing with anyone else and thus your motive gets fulfilled here as well.

5. Manipulate His Words In Front of Others:-

Most of the husbands feel irritated when you manipulate their words in front of others or when you keep mortifying them in front of their parents or when you keep mortifying their parents in front of them. In both these cases, your husband is equally likely to get irritated with your act.

6. Use His Credit Card to Make Huge Shoppings:-

If you still wish to stay in your limits, just take his credit card out of his wallet and make huge amounts of shopping making payment in advance. Make shopping as large as the credit limit itself and then put the credit card back in his wallet. He will surely turn into a red hot furnace after coming to know that he has got debts to pay and that too for shopping that he did not make.


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