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Testicular Cancer How to Diagnose

Testicular Cancer Diagnosis


Mechanism of a testicular cancer:-

a testicular germ cell tumor is generally a triploid or a tetraploid and most of them have a large number of chromosomes. And an isochromosome 12p is present in about eighty percent of the testicular cancers .the other types of cancers generally are occupied with an extra material.

Testicular Cancer How to Diagnose

Testicular Cancer How to Diagnose

The Diagnosis of A Testicular Cancer:-

The main process to diagnose a testicular type of cancer is to diagnose it via a lump or mass that gets developed inside the testes of the affected person. in general, if an adolescent has a single testicle enlarged, that may or may not be painful in nature, should give the doctors a reason to decide that the person has got testicular cancer developed in him. the incorrect or mistaken type of diagnosis can delay the access to the adequate type of treatment and it is thought to occur in one by four of the cases.

The palpated lump developed in the scrotum has nature often evaluated by an approach called the scrotal ultrasound. scroat ultra sound can determine the exact place, the size and the characteristic features of the lump such as whether it is cystic or a solid one or it is hetrogenous or uniform one. though still the extent of the spread of the disease is determined by the computed tomography scans used to find the metastates. A surgical excision of the entire testis may also be performed. Though the approaches like biopsy are still not practiced as it raises the risk of the spreading cancer cells into the scrotum of the patient.

inguinal orchiectomy can be preferred to lower down the risk of the cancer cells that start escaping. it happens as the lymphatic system of the scrotum, through which the w.b.c’s flow in and out, links to the lower extremeties, while that of the testicles gets linked to the back of the abdominal cavity of the affected person.

Blood tests can also be performed to know and record the tumor markers specific to a testicular type of cancer.
only about one fourth of the seminomas are found to elevate beta HGC, a pregnancy test can also be performed to identify the high levels of beta-HGC but the initial signs of a testicular cancer still remains a lump. but it is not advised normally to preform a pregnancy test to rule out a cancer of testicles.


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