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How to Tell a Girl That Her Bra Is Visible

How to Tell a Girl That Her Bra Is Visible


A bra is a piece of women underwear, which is bought in use to cover the breasts and to support them. There is nothing wrong with this undergarment, but there is surely something wrong with the human temperament. Some clothing materials are so porous and transparent that one can easily get a glimpse of a woman’s bra out of them. There is nothing wrong in it if the woman is at home, but if she is out of house, people watch her like a wolf’s prey and make useless comments about her. If there is some woman around you who has suffered this problem without her knowledge, you can easily let her come to know about this by following these simple steps:-

How to Tell a Girl That Her Bra Is Visible

How to Tell a Girl That Her Bra Is Visible

1. Tell Her That She Has Suffered a Wardrobe Malfunction instead:-

The choice of words always matters a lot when we are dealing with a lady. Let me make you understand this with an example. Generally in villages, we will find that a one eyed man is always addressed by the name “One eyed fellow”. The ones with hearing or speaking abilities are always addressed by the name deaf and dumb. In cities, someone may address them as handicapped or disabled person, but if instead we use the word, “differently abled”, it will create a positive kind of impact on the other person.

When you see a woman with her bra visible out of clothes, you can tell her that she has suffered wardrobe malfunction and she should check her dress once by going to the toilet. She will surely consider your advice without feeling bad or angry with it.

2. Let Her Come To Know about this indirectly:-

If you fear that the lady might take you as a pervert or a scoundrel lustful fellow, you can tell her about this in an indirect manner by just finding a female friend of yours who can be taken in trust easily. Now tell this to her and ask her to reach the lady in order to tell her about this. Delivering your message in an indirect manner can also help sometimes.

3. In A Flirting Way If She Is Your Girlfriend:-

If she is your girlfriend or wife, you can tell this to her directly or in a flirting kind of manner by saying that she is looking tremendously sexy today. She is sure to ask the reason and you can tell it to her. Give her a cover to reach the toilet and cure her dress or call someone to bring a substitute dress for her. This way you will get a chance to be romantic with her besides telling her what she suffers from.

4. Look, if someone is around:-

While conveying this message to a girl, you should always keep in mind that there should be nobody around you. Now repeat this sentence in front of her in a slight and polite tone, “am, will you please adjust your clothes slightly. I think that they have met some problem. If she still does not understand, just point towards her bra and offer her your jacket to cover it up while showing her the way to the toilet.


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