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How to Tease your Boyfriend in a Romantic Way

How to Tease Your Boyfriend In Bed


When you have a boyfriend and he is sexy, you are sure to spend quality time with him and the best way to spend quality time with your boyfriend is to keep on teasing him. To tease your boyfriend is a thing that basically every girl does and thus in this topic we are up with some tips that will help you tease your boyfriend in a better way that makes him aroused and go crazy for you, some of which are as follows:-

How to Tease your Boyfriend in a Romantic Way (6 Steps)

How to Tease your Boyfriend in a Romantic Way

1. Pinch On Private Places :-

To tease your boyfriend, you can start by pinching him near his private parts. You can pinch him on his stomach or near his legs or on his chest or you can even caress his feet with your fingers. Pinching creates sensation and your touch will create a sensation in his body and he will feel attracted towards you. You can start the journey of intimacy like this. When your boyfriend grabs you in his arms, you should pinch his chest to make him even wilder.

2. Touch With Feet :-

Gently touch his feet with yours. You can even touch his private places with your feet. Female touch is light and soft. He is sure to get aroused and teasing him this way can help you make him attracted towards you, he is sure to feel like he needs that touch all the time.

3. Whispering Something In Ears :-

Bring your mouth near your boyfriend’s ears and take warm breath. The way you breathe will make him aroused. Now whisper something in your sweet voice, He will get crazy and take you in his arms. This one is the way I personally like. It is the best way to make any man aroused within no time.

4. Body Tattoos :-

Wear something that shows your body. Get clad in an outfit without wearing any bra or simply go one piece. Have a body tattoo made on your lower back portion or your neck or your legs or shoulders. This version of his girlfriend can make him go crazy and he is sure to get aroused. Teasing him like this way can really take you both to the seventh cloud. Generally being teased like this way, boys start kissing their partner madly.

5. Pillow Fighting :-

Begin with simple pillow fighting and end with both in each other’s arms, but remember, you should be wearing shorts or leggings or a short revealing top. This can make him go crazy about you. He is sure to go crazy and kiss you like anything.

6. Skin Revealing :-

You should wear an extra revealing outfit. The outfit that reveals your skin will make your partner go crazy and go wild. You should use a mild fragrance that makes him go crazy for you. Some scents and deodorants come packed with a fragrance that is enough to make anybody aroused within no time and thus living in this way with your partner can make him go crazy for you.


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