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How to Talk to a Child about Everything

how to talk to a child about everything


A child’s mind is like a sailing ship, it can change with the change of flow of stream. A child’s mind is an undeveloped mind which is still in the stage of development or growth. If a child will listen to you or throw tantrums at a particular time, it is all up to the child’s state of mind at that time and thus a great care needs to be adopted when you are talking to a child. A child is stubborn sometimes and sometimes his nature is kind of obeying. Still you can talk to a child if you know how to deal with him in a proper way. Here are some tips which will help you while talking with a child.

how to talk to a child about everything

How to Talk to a Child about Everything

1. Become Each Other’s Friends:-

Children are easy to tackle once you become friends with each other. When you go to talk with a child, don’t forget to shake hands first. Ask the child, “Will you be my friend”. The children will say yes for sure. Even if he says “No”, you can ask him the reason and that reason will prove to act as a base for you to make friendship with that child.

2. Have a Gift for the Child:-

Always have a gift for the child whom you wish to convince for friendship. This gift needs not to be expensive at all and instead some toffees or chocolate or balloon will also work. Once you give this gift to the child, he will be happy like anything and he will be ready to listen each and every word of yours as you have given a gift to him.

3. Start Talking:-

Now, when you both have become friends, you can start talking with the child. Just ask him about any particular topic, what he likes and what he dislikes. Also, do not forget to ask why he argues with others if he/she is doing so. In some cases where the child is too naughty or troublesome, you can also trying convincing him to stop doing so on the name of your friendship as children really care about their friendships.

4. Adopt a Convincing Approach:-

Adopt a convincing approach rather than adopting a complaining approach. Never complain before a child about anything but instead talk as a friend. Nod your head in “Yes” whenever the child makes any particular complaint and do not forget to pretend like you agree with each and every of his remark. First listen to him like you totally agree with him and then put forward your side explaining what are the negative effects of what he/she is doing and that too in a friendly voice or tone.

5. Console the Child:-

Last but not the least, console the child the way you wish. If he was arguing uselessly with his parents, just tell him that they are his parents and they have given him the birth. He should try obeying them if he really loves them. A child’s heart is very much tender and full of feelings; He will soon realize his/her mistake.


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