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How Deep Is You Love? (5 Steps)


                    “Love Is Something That Takes you to the Heaven’s Height,
                                               Where Even the Earth Appears To Be Married With the Sky”

Someone has perfectly quotes these lines about love. These days love has become another name of infatuation for the youth who take sexual seduction as love instead of the eternal feelings that you have during the time when you fall in love and thus there is a great need to first judge if it is love or lust and then to check how much deep your love is. If you feel like you wish to check how much your partner loves you, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

5 Easy Steps to Check How Deep Is You Love? - HowFlux

How Deep Is You Love?

1. If Beauty Can Attract Him Or Her:-

In order to check how deep your partner’s love is for you, you will first of all need to check if beauty can attract him or not. If he found to get seduced by some of your friend who looks even more attractive than you, this clearly means that your partner has got lust but no love for you.

2. Does Partner Really Care if you are around:-

The other thing that you would need to keep under check is to look if he really cares if you are around or not. Go vanishing from the surroundings without giving him a clue about it and see if he makes efforts to find you or not. Put your mobile on switch off mode and check if he feels restless about if you are fine or not.

3. Is Relationship A Formality or Compulsion for Your Partner:-

Love does not means simply to make formalities and instead it is something that reunites the two hearts and souls which is why we are advising you here to check if your relation is a formality or a compulsion to your partner. Check if he or she seems restless when you are sick or if he or she makes efforts to get you cured soon or simply asks you if you are fine or not.

4. How Much Does Your Partner Support you:-

Next comes the time that your partner spends with you and how much he does or she supports you. If your partner is cared about you, he or she is likely to keep on supporting you amongst friends as well as relatives but if there is no such feeling, you mean nothing to your partner.

5. Tell Him Or Her That You Are Getting Married:-

Here nothing proves to be a dreadful to a partner as dreads him or her the grief of getting separated because of marriage and thus here we would advise you to make a last experiment on your partner and this will be to check if he or she fears to lose you or not. Simply tell your partner that you are getting married and your family won’t allow you to go for a love marriage, if your love is a true one, your partner won’t leave you in this time as well and before choosing any decision, he or she will ask you what you want.


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