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How Long for Synthroid to Start Working

How Long For Synthroid to Work


Synthroid serves to be a medicine that has been bought in use by doctors since decades or you may say it is a hormonal medicine that is normally produced by the thyroid gland but when it functions abnormally and the hormone levothyroxine is not produced, the body’s metabolism and energy gets affected which is why the synthroid is given to such patients. If a person is suffering from hypothyroidism, this is the medicine that such person is provided with as in such a condition, there is a low production of thyroid hormone and the time that synthroid takes to work can be explained as follows:-

How Long for Synthroid to Start Working

How Long for Synthroid to Start Working

1. Generally About Six Weeks:-

The synthroid medicine generally takes a period of six weeks to work completely. If the effects last more than this period of time, the individual can go for the thyroid level check up again and then the approaches can be changed or substituted with others depending on it.

2. Depends Also On How Low Is Your Thyroid Level:-

It also depends on the level of thyroid hormone in your body that for how much time you will be subjected to the medicinal course. If you have got an enough level of thyroid hormone in your body, this can make you get cured even earlier than the other approaches.

3. Relief Can Be Seen From the Very Fourth Week:-

Though I have mentioned that synthroid generally takes a period of six months to show results but the results can be felt and seen from the very fourth week in an individual as this is the time when he feels a sort of relief against the hypothyroidism problem in himself.

4. Differs From Person To Person:-

The time that is taken by synthroid to show results may vary from person to person as the body system is though same in case of every individual but the level of thyroid hormone is subjected to change and the effectiveness of synthroid depends on the level of this hormone only.

5. Blood Test Is Done After You Feel Some Relief:-

Now after the initial signs of relief have been shown in case of an individual, the patient is made to undergo a blood test so as to check if he has got some level of thyroid hormone in his body system increased or not and the further approaches are applied considering the same.

6. The Dosage Is Extended or Reduced Depending On the Level of Thyroid in Your Body:-

In case there is no sign of relief seen, the dosage is increased depending on the level of thyroid hormone in that person’s body or the other approaches are employed but all the approaches are totally based on either injecting the thyroid hormone in person’s body or to give effective dosages of synthroid to the patient.


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