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5 Early Symptoms of Having a Boy

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often when a woman is just about to get pregnant, the parents and relatives start making an estimate if the baby born will be a boy or the girl. Though there are approaches like ultrasound etc that may make you know if the baby is a female or a male but these approaches are banned at some places due to sex selective abortions taking place in such areas and in case you need to know if you have a baby boy or girl naturally, you may choose to go for the tips we are mentioning here that we have gathered after asking questions from the women’s who recently gave birth to a baby and the theories that were bought in usage by people to have an estimate about this.

5 Early Symptoms of Having a Boy During Pregnancy

5 Early Symptoms of Having a Boy

1. The Month of Pregnancy you are in:-

The month of pregnancy you are in can also be made to be used as a base of knowing the gender of baby that you are having in your womb. This one is a theory that I read on internet, simply add the mother’s age to the number of month she is undergoing through and if it comes out to be odd, the baby is a girl and if it comes out to be even the baby will be a boy.

2. The Kicks made also reveal much:-

Often my mother used to say that when I was in her womb, I used to make kicks all the time to make my presence being felt to my parents. This was reported by most of the women who became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy and thus you may take it as a base to conclude if you have got a baby boy or a girl.

3. Check if Stomach Feels light or heavy:-

Often when you have a baby boy in your womb, the stomach will feel heavy while in case you have a baby girl, the stomach will feel lighter. This was reported to be true by the women who recently became mothers and thus you can concern this fact as well.

4. The Ring Pendulum Theory:-

One of my friends whom I recently told me an awesome story. She told me that they were watching a Bollywood movie “Hum sath sath hain” In which they had depicted a way to recognize if the baby will be a boy or a girl. This theory included making usage of a chain tied up with a ring and the chain with ring tied to it was hung to the stomach of the women who is pregnant to notice if it swings from side to side or it moves in circles. The swinging from side meant the baby will be a boy and if it revolved in circles, the baby will be a girl. They made usage of this theory tow times while they had a child and both the times, it proved to be a perfect prediction.

5. The Food Taste That You Prefer:-

Some of the mothers I talked with even reported that when they had a baby boy in the womb, they used to prefer foods like sweets etc. and in case it is a girl, they prefer salty snacks. These are just the facts. In my wife’s opinion, when the baby stays calm much often in the womb, it is a baby girl while if it makes movements and makes you feel its presence, it is a baby boy.


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