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What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer In Pregnancy

Breast Cancer In Pregnancy


Though rarely found, Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer found during the period of pregnancy with a risk of one case among every thousand women for breast cancer or any other form of cancer. while, Women with cancer in pregnancy or shortly after the pregnancy has the same rate of cancer as the normal ones have in the same age. to diagnose a form of cancer or the other in the case of pregnancy is often a tough job. any of the symptoms that occur in the pregnancy are assumed to be not comfortable with the pregnancy as a result, it becomes much late to discover if a pregnant women or a women likely to get pregnant is suffering from breast cancer or not !

Symptoms of Breast Cancer In Pregnancy

Symptoms of Breast Cancer In Pregnancy

Imaging approaches such as M.R.I or magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography (C.T) scans and mammograms with a fatal shield are found to be a safe approach during the pregnancy period of a women suffering from breast cancer. Some other approaches like PET scans are not found to be safe in the pregnancy period to a breast cancer victim.

The treatment of breast cancer for a pregnant women or a women likely to get pregnant is generally the same as in the case of non-pregnant women. however any sort of radiation is generally preferred to be avoided during the pregnancy period of a women. the Radiation treatments may start interfering with the mother’s capability to feed her baby using her breasts as it decreases the power of that breast to make milk and increases the risk of mastitis.

In some cases, even all of the treatments get delayed or postponed till the birth of the child if the diagnosis of breast cancer is done late during pregnancy period. early deliveries are generally not practiced. though it is thought to be safe to perform a surgery during the pregnancy period of a women but some other approaches of treatment like the drugs involved in chemotherapy or certain others may be avoided to decrease the risk of birth defects including abortion.

sometimes, when chemotherapy is being practiced after the birth of the child, many of the drugs start passing through the breast milk to the baby, which could harm the baby in turn and may cause many ill effects. In the context to the delayed pregnancy among breast cancer conquerors, often there is a persisting fear that the breast cancer may occur again while the others may expect to be normal at all and get normal with their life’s.


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