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How to Survive a Bank Robbery

How to Survive a Bank Robbery


Robbers often keep on targeting banks in order to rob them. If you are in one such bank which is being robbed by the robbers, you should not act smart as else you can lose your life. All you need to do in such a situation is to cooperate with the robbers and to follow the instructions given to you. Often, such incidences are associated with a loss of life and thus you should not try to become a hero or a whistle blower in such circumstances till it is not very much needed as else you can put yourself as well as other persons in a danger of life. The following tips should be adopted in such a situation to survive a bank robbery:-

How to Survive a Bank Robbery

How to Survive a Bank Robbery

1. Stay Calm and Cooperate with the Robber:-

First of all, stay calm and stop crying. Do not try to make haste in anything and do not even speak loudly. Try not to interact with the robbers at all. If any of the robbers asks you to do something, just do that and move to the other side where the remaining people are standing. Try to take your place on the backside when the robbers ask you to merge again with people. This will prevent you from being shot if one of the robbers fires a bullet.

2. Don’t Try To Act Smart:-

Never try to act smart with the robbers as they all have guns with them. If there is a single robber or dual robber, you can still manage to dominate him, but if there are multiple robbers in the bank, you should never try to dominate them or else your heroism will turn down to lifelessness.

3. Don’t Make Sudden Movements:-

Robbers are always more cruel to those people who make useless and sudden movements in front of them. They pay more attention on the person standing close to the alarm button and thus you should avoid standing near the alarm as well as making any kind of movement.

4. Pay Attention to the Face Details and Voice of the Robbers:-

While standing like a helpless spectator, you just have to notice the face details of these robbers. Notice down the kind of voice each of them has along with the color of their skin tone as well as special signs related to their face. I.e. a cut mark anywhere on face or the deformalities in shape or structure of any robber.

5. Notice the Other Aspects of His Body Language:-

Also keep in mind to notice the other such aspects related to those robbers. This will include their body language, way of walking, way of standing, their height, color of their eyes, kind of hair they had, kind of dress that they were clad in, the special accessories they had and other such qualities related to each of them.

6. Try To Memorize the Scene:-

Just try to memorize the entire scene along with each and every act that these robbers make. The information that you are memorizing can later be taken as a proof to catch robbers by calling the sketch artist and drawing their sketch with the informational details that you provide.


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