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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Onions

Health Benefits of Onions


Onions belong to the same family in which the others like garlic and chives come. This one is a veggie with pungent smell. Onion is a vegetable that grows under the soil and thus comes loaded with vitamins and minerals and provides breath taking health benefits that prove life saving for all.
In this article thus we have come with various health benefits of eating onions, which can be listed as follows:-

Onion Benefits - 6 Surprising Health Benefits of Onions

Surprising Health Benefits of Onions

1. Low, In Calories:-

Onions contain nearly no calories and thus help us in maintaining our overall weight. Those who wish to regulate their calories intake should consume onions in order to monitor their calorie intake and regulate it.

2. Prevent Cancer:-

Eating onions is said to minimize your risk of several forms of cancer, including colon cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, etc. in a way that it prevents the harmful radicals from spreading the cancer cells to the other areas of the body and thus prevent several forms of cancer. Eating onions is said to prevent the growth of various tumors on your body.

3. Help You Minimize Your Cholesterol Intake:-

In today’s world full of unhealthy foods, almost all of us have made our heart week and prone to heart attacks by adding food that contains cholesterol to our diets. Onions contain zero cholesterol and thus help us to stay cholesterol free. Those who consume zero cholesterol are likely to stay healthy in a way that a cholesterol free person stays immune to heart borne diseases and heart attacks

4. Help You Stay Immune Against Diabetes:-

Onions contain potassium in abundance. The food rich in potassium and low in sodium content is said to regulate your blood sugar level and prevent you from diabetes. Thus, eating onions you make yourself immune against the problem of diabetes.

5. Maintains Good Mood, Skin, Hair And Sleep:-

Eating onions is said to fight the signs of depression, including your mood and sleep. Those who eat onions experience a better sleep and have stronger hair. Eating onions can make your skin even better than before as onions contain vitamin-C that proves helpful information of collagens that in turn keep your skin healthy. Eating onions can help you boost your energy levels.

6. Get Rid of Problem of Bags Under Eyes:-

Some people experience a problem of bags under eyes. It happens because the excess Sodium taken by us in our diets accumulates under the eyes and takes the shape of bags under the eyes, but as told earlier, onions contain sodium in a very low amount which helps you regulate the amount of sodium in your diet and help you recover from this situation also.

The health benefits do not end here, eating onions can help you get the desirable amount of antioxidants in your diet and can make you get the essentials like iron that relieves you from anemia (the deficiency of iron), magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins like vitamin-C, Vitamin-B6, Calcium (enhances your bones and teeth and makes them stronger) and folate etc. that prove to be a health packed choice for all.


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