How to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Bedroom

How to Surprise a Man in Bed


To spend some quality time in bed with your husband or hubby is perhaps the best women can get, but this quality time turns into a time of boredom when there is nothing exciting left in your sex schedule. A surprise in bed always results in making your partner excited as well as full of inexplicable strength. In order to keep your partner full of enthusiasm and motivation, you have to keep exciting, surprising and shocking him with surprises. In order to surprise your male partner in bed, you can bring the following tricks and tips in use.

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Bedroom

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Bedroom

1. Blindfold Him and Let Him Feel Your Touch:-

Blindfold your hubby when you are in a mood to make sex and kiss him at various parts of the body to make him feel seduced. Take few breaths close to his ears to make him feel excited and then go nude. Remove his clothes and let his body feel the touch of your body. A woman’s touch of the skin is always the best surprise and excitement for her partner.

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2. Tie Him with Rope and Treat Him as Your Slave:-

Let us make him your slave for the night. Just bring a rope or strip of cloth and bind his hands together. Now use your fingers to caress his chin and remove his clothes.  Be a submissive mistress today rather than behaving like a behaving wife. Most of the husbands really get surprised when they notice such a change in their wives on an occasional basis.

3. Pour Some Chocolate on His Penis and Give Him a Blow Job:-

Pour some chocolate syrup on his penis and give him a blow-job. Lick it up while giving this special treatment to your hubby. Pour some extra chocolate syrup on your own body and ask the male partner to finish it while licking. This increases the time that you spend in bed and it also makes your partner feel surprised meanwhile.

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4. Come with an Unexpected Outfit inside the Room:-

If you live in simple attire at your house, try out a bikini or any other similar outfit today when you reach the bed. You can even bring a special “while sex” toy for your partner if you have never used them. For normal sex makers, a dosage of any sex medicine can even act as a surprise sometimes as it brings about a boost to their sexual power.

5. Go wild tonight:-

If your normal sex stays less full of pleasure and if this is the reason why you wish to surprise your male partner in bed, just go wild today crossing all your sex boundaries researching about some new sex positions to practice them during your stay in it together. The more you get wild, the better you are able to surprise your partner.

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6. Be His Goddess tonight:-

Be your male’s goddess tonight. Perform every new and encouraging technique of sex with your partner today and he will be most surprised by your acts done this way. Sometimes even a new type of contact or sexual ride can also make your partner surprised and you can thus use all what is supposed to make your sexual relation better than before in order to surprise your partner.


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