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Surface Pro 3 Specifications

Surface Pro 3


If you are planning to buy a gadget for your family, then the new surface pro three might prove to be a dream come true for you as all the members of the family might like the features that come handy with it.

Surface Pro 3 Specifications And Featues - HowFlux

Surface Pro 3 Specifications

Screen Resolution :-

The surface pro three comes up with a resolution of 2160×1440 and dimensions of 11.5×7.93×0.36 and comes up with a screen size of twelve inches. The battery back up in this sleek and smart gadget is up to nine hours of web browsing and it operates on a fourth generation Intel core processor with the power and performance of a laptop, the surface pro three can handle even the most sensitive tasks being fully functional with it keyboard.

Programmes Compatibility :-

the surface pro three can get the windows desktop installed in it that includes the entire MS-office software and the adobe photo shop in it. The gadget includes a USB 3.0 and the user can thus have the power to work anywhere with the kickstand feature of the surface pro three either in the plane or the restaurant or at home or lying before a T.V set at your home. The gadget can be used to create a power point presentation for the project work of your child as well as for the office work of your wife and may even assist you in your personal work or to watch movies and to listen to songs in your leisure time. The gadget comes up with an excellent gaming quality and the touch screen is a bright one and there are stereo speakers in the gadget that come with Dolby audio quality.

Cameras And Video Quality :-

there are two 1080 pixels cameras (5MP) in the front and the back of the gadget that provide the features like the video conferencing and awesome picture quality and movie watching. The gadget weights as light as 1.76 pounds and is as thin as 0.36 inches. The gadget comes up with a nine hour battery back up and proves to be an excellent choice for everybody as the person gets excellent battery back up for surfing on net and working on the other apps being the efficient and accomodable application gadget for them.

Applications Compatibility :-

the gadget comes up with the in built applications like Skype or the one-drive or the Bing smart search and built in multi –tasking that is a great gadget for the families as they don’t need to purchase a separate gadget for each member of the family and each and every member of the family can have a account on the same device. The bright touch screen allows the user to have a better interface with the gadget and the five mega pixels cameras at the front and the back provide an excellent front and back imaging and video quality.


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