How Does Sunscreen Affect your Skin

How Sunburn Affects The Skin


We know that the sun emits rays or radiations that can make our skin burnt within no time. It has rather been seen that these radiations affect the living tissue of skin, which majorly occurs because of an over-exposure to ultra-violet or U.V. radiations. In order to make your skin protected against this harmful effect of sun, it is always advised either to keep skin covered with cloth or to apply a sunscreen lotion over skin or else it can result in rashes, pain, fatigue and other such symptoms. If such measures are not adopted by anyone, the sun is likely to affect that individual in worse of its ways. The ways in which sun burns affects the skin can be explained as follows:-

How Does Sunscreen Affect your Skin

How Does Sunscreen Affect your Skin

1. Make Your Skin Dark and Red:-

sunburn makes us experience the worst that our skin ever can. When we are exposed to sun’s rays for a longer interval of time, it makes our skin dark and red. The natural beauty of the skin is lost and it appears as if the person has lost the complexion of skin. This gives a burnt kind of look and the person starts feeling afraid of going sleeveless or backless.

2. Affects the Living Tissue:-

The worst train of sunburn is that it affects the living tissue of body which is our skin. Now when the skin gets affected, the entire look of a person gets affected. He has to seek for the ways of cell repair and tissue repair, but all in vain as sunburns are not treated very much easily and rather the skin affected by sunburn takes months to heal sometimes.

3. Pain When You Touch the Skin:-

Most of us take sun very much lightly as we take it to be a normal phenomenon but once you experience sunburn, you can’t take it to be normal as it burns your skin very severely sometimes. The burn is so severe in some cases that it pains even when we touch that particular area of skin which has experienced the sunburn.

4. Mild Dizziness is felt:-

People who experience sunburn often report about symptoms like pain, itching, dizziness etc. The best approach to move out under the sun is thus to use a sunscreen lotion on your skin as it prevents the sun’s rays from making any damage to your skin. Besides this, wearing full sleeved clothes can also be beneficial for such a person.

5. Causes Suntan When Exposed To Fewer Amounts:-

Sunburn is a phenomenon that takes place to your skin when you are exposed to the sun’s rays for a prolonged period of time, but even if you are exposed to the sun’s rays in fewer or less amounts, this can also put you at a drawback by causing the problem of suntan which is as a problem creating as sunburn itself.

6. Even More Severe Outcomes When Exposed To More Amount:-

If you have experienced sunburn or suntan and still you are getting exposed to the sun’s rays, wearing backless and sleeveless, this can make you become a victim of even more severe problems. It is always advised to avoid exposure to sun if you have a sensitive skin.


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