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How to Make Your Sunburn Turn into a Tan Faster

How to Make Your Sunburn Turn into a Tan Faster?


Sunburn can be explained as a form of radiation burn that affects the living tissue of the human body which is our skin. This condition results from an over exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun and it results in making the skin red as well as kind of burnt. The other symptoms include pain, fatigue, dizziness etc. On the other hand, if skin is exposed less time to the same rays, it would be called a sun tan rather than addressing it by the name sunburn because of less level of its effectiveness or burn with the skin. It creates a kind of darkness with skin, but still the skin is not too inflamed with the effect of the sun. In order to make your sunburn turn to a tan faster, you can bring in use the following tips:-

How to Make Your Sunburn Turn into a Tan Faster?

How to Make Your Sunburn Turn into a Tan Faster

1. Use Cold Compress Technique:-

A sunburn is best treated by making use of a cold-compress technique. Just place some ice cubes in a piece of cloth and then bring it in use to be rubbed against skin. You can even rub ice directly on your skin to get rid of this sunburn effect.

2. Apply cucumber and potato slices on the affected place:-

Vegetables like cucumber and potato can also provide you with a healing effect against sunburn. Just slice one of these vegetables or juice them up to apply against the affected part of skin and you will soon feel relieved against the burns that sun has caused to your skin. The sunburn soon turns into a sun tan and it ultimately gets diminished.

3. Aloe Vera gel and juice:-

Aloe Vera is a plant of cactus species of plants which has the ability to store water in its leaves. The juice or pulp of this plant’s leaves can be bought in use to be applied on skin burns and sun burns. Take a significant amount of juice out of this plant’s leaves and apply it on the sunburn affected area to make your sunburn get turned into a suntan.

4. Steroid drug usage:-

Steroids are the chemicals which can be bought in use to make hormonal changes in body or to treat about the cells enhancing their repair. You can also use some good steroid drug in order to make sunburn turned into suntan but when you make a choice of any such steroid; you should first consult about it from a good health specialist.

5. Use your dental paste on the affected area:-

The dental paste like Colgate, Sensodyne or any other toothpaste that you bring in use to enhance oral health can also be bought in use to reduce the effect of sunburns. Just take a significant amount of your toothpaste on your hand and apply it on the sunburn affected area of your skin. You will soon feel relieved against the burning effect and soon the sunburn will get turned into a suntan.

6. Have a Cold Shower and Use Sunscreen to Prevent Further Damage:-

Just have a cold shower and spray vinegar mixed with water on the affected part of your skin. The pH balance of skin will get balanced this way and you will experience a soothing and healing kind of effect.
Never forget to apply a good sunscreen lotion when you move out of the house or under sun to protect your skin from further damage.


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