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Why Does Sun Look Red at Sunset

Why Do Sunsets Look Red


You must have observed one thing that sunsets look red when they take place. Well the reason behind this can be explained as the red color comes the last in the list of colors that get generated from white light starting from violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and then Red at the last. All these colors get refracted by the sky and thus are not seen while the red color is seen as it is having the lowest frequency amongst all and thus a longer range of wavelength.

Why Does Sun Look Red at Sunset

Why Does Sun Look Red at Sunset

1. Reason for Sky Being Blue:-

When you look up in the sky, it appears to be blue in color which is because of the fact that atmosphere is based with various gases and there are a variety of particles in it. Two of these are oxygen and nitrogen. These particles are most effective in scattering the higher frequency and shorter wavelength portions of the visible light spectrum. In the case of sky, the Violet and Indigo get absorbed while the blue is seen resulting in the sky being seen as blue in color.

2. The Sunsets Being Red:-

The reason why sunsets are being red is because of the fact that sun emits waves with variable frequencies and red is having the Lowest frequency amongst them has got a higher wavelength and thus is able to reach our eyes even when the others get absorbed. The path is none interrupted in this case and thus we watch out the sunsets being red.

3. Sun Appears yellow during midday:-

The lower value frequencies are able to reach our eyes during the day as it does not get scattered and thus during midday the yellow color is more visible amongst all the seven colors. This is why the sun appears yellow during the mid-day as only yellow color’s wavelength is enough to reach the human eyes or you may say there is a scattering of higher frequencies of sunlight at that time.

4. The Phenomenon’s That Influence This:-

There are basically the three kinds of phenomenon’s that take place with the sun’s light and these include the sun’s light being absorbed, the sun’s light being reflected, the sun’s light with adequate wavelength be seen with our eyes. The light that gets absorbed is due to the presence of distractions in its path that prevent it from reaching our eyes and rather the light of frequency and wavelength that is suitable for the human eye will reach the eyes and that color will be seen to us.

During noon there is short distance between sun and our head, which is why the colors like yellow with higher frequencies reach our eyes while during evening the sun is far away which is why the short frequency rays will only be able to reach us.


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