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How a Person with Suicidal Tendency Asphyxiate to Death

How to Asphyxiate Yourself to Death


Asphyxia or death due to suffocation is one of the worst ways of getting died as it kills you while depriving you of oxygen and you die because of lack of breath in such a case. People who wish to die often adopt this approach in order to get rid of their life. Often there is a massive debate held on this topic that a person should be given a right to end his life or not, but still people practice this approach in order to get rid of their life. Here we are telling you all what a person with suicidal tendencies actually does in order to asphyxiate him to death.

How a Person with Suicidal Tendency Asphyxiate to Death

How a Person with Suicidal Tendency Asphyxiate to Death

1. Close Himself in a Breathless Atmosphere:-

To expose himself to a breathless atmosphere is the most practiced approach by any person with asphyxia suicidal tendencies. He can try an exposure to vacuum or may even try to be hung till death. Let me take you to the time when Hitler used to rule. In the time of Hitler, special gas chambers were built in order to make people die because of Asphyxia.

Whosoever used to raise a voice against Hitler, he used to close them in such gas chambers in order to make them die because of suffocation and the same is bought in use while hanging a criminal to death with the help of a rope when he is prosecuted with a punishment of death from the court’s side.

2. Reaching Tremendously High With No Oxygen:-

In some of the approaches, people have also been found dead because of reaching a tremendously high level of height without any oxygen cylinder. On high mountain peaks like Mount Everest, there is a shortage of oxygen and if your breathing system is weak, you can die because of asphyxia.

3. Inhaling Carbon Monoxide:-

In some of the cases, death because of consumption of smoke coming out of the car exhaust has also resulted in a death because of asphyxia. In Indian movie Dabangg starred by actor Salman Khan, The villain was killed by feeding him with the smoke generated out of a tractor’s smoke emission pipe. This approach is also bought in use by the people who wish to asphyxiate themselves to death.

4. Contact with Pulmonary Agents or Blood Agents:-

The contact with pulmonary agents like phosgene or blood agents like hydrogen cyanide is also proven to be life endangering. If you come across one of these agents, you are prone to death because of asphyxia. In some of the cases, people also choose death because of drowning in water. They simply reach a bridge with a running river flowing under it and they jump from upside into it. The flow of the river takes them with it and they get suffocated it. They do not know how to swim thus making them die because of asphyxia.

6. Overdose of Drugs or Sleeping Pills:-

Sometimes, an overdose of drugs or sleeping pills has also been found to be resulting in death because of asphyxia. If a person consumes multiple sleeping pills at a time, he dies not because of the effect of sleeping pills inside the body, but because in order to take multiple bad tasted sleeping pills in his mouth, he tries to gulp them at once closing his nose with fingers and when these multiple pills jam his breathing passage, he feels suffocated and finally he dies.


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