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How Can you Sue a Health Insurance Company

How to sue a health insurance company


If you have experienced any dispute, directly filling a lawsuit will not be the right procedure. First of all, you should go through a number of formal steps to address the dispute of the insurance firm. If the steps are not clear, you may fail to receive your justice. Secondly, you have to fill pre-litigation forms of resolution before filling the final lawsuit against the firm. You have to go through two step internal review process followed by an independent external review process.

How to sue a health insurance company

How Can you Sue a Health Insurance Company

How to bring a lawsuit against the insurance company?

If the external review does not bring a satisfactory result, you can sue the insurance company by initiating a formal lawsuit. Remember that you can sue the health insurance company in the federal court. The success will depend on the insurance plan and the law of your state. You should also take advice from external attorney.

Note that before consulting with your attorney, you should make below mentioned plan ready in your possession

  • Your agreement of the insurance policy.
  • A written communication proof with the insurance company.
  • List of the treatments has not been covered by your health insurance company.
  • The proof of denial of your insurance company.
  • A set of the documents received while in the internal and the external review process.

Remember and follow few points to have a strong opportunity to win the lawsuit:

  • You should know the bad insurance faith of the insurance company
  • Hire a reputed lawyer from your state, who is specialized in this subject.
  • Your insurance company can send back all your premiums with all papers and can request you for the release.
  • Do not sign anywhere of the papers sent by your insurer.

Are you still anxious suing your insurance company?

Do not worry, generally a claim filled in the court is considered as a bad faith insurance claim. This claim can result from the company’s failure to respond against your claim in a timely basis. If your company is declining your claim, then also you can sue your company. However, if the insurance company fails to investigate the claims, then also you will be under a safe zone and you can easily won the deal.

Remember that a genuine insurance company always keeps records ready to fight against any lawsuit. Thus, you should make all documentation ready to prove the case as a bad faith insurance claim.

One more thing you should note that dispute resolution can only be successful if you hire an experienced attorney. The attorney can help you reviewing the process and you can easily understand how to file a lawsuit. The experienced lawyer will provide the best evidence for your claim and it will be presented in the court. Logical documentation and right evidence can help you attaining your lost right from your insurer. Thus, immediately consult a lawyer and present your case in the court.


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