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How to be a Strong Woman in the Workplace

how to be a strong woman in the workplace

            “I gave you birth, I bought you up, I told you how to behave in the society”
You betrayed me, you molested me, you under-estimated me to the heights of worseness,

     I still remained with you in your joys and sorrows, forgiving all what you did to me”

These lines written by me clearly depict the position of women in today’s world where the entire society is male dominated, but it is not that despite of this fact, there are no women who have proved themselves and instead there are examples live like Chandra kochher, who is the MD and CEO of ICICI bank and has been nominated as the most powerful business tycoon. Today’s world is the world of women and if you can make strong women out of yourself, you can really make wonders. In case you need to know what steps can be adopted so as to go for it, the steps that we are mentioning here may prove beneficial for you.

 how to be a strong woman in the workplace

How to be a Strong Woman in the Workplace

1. Have a Look at Yourself:-

First of all, have a look at yourself and accept yourself the way you are. Though you may make some changes with the experiences but you should never convert it the way it is expected by the others and instead be a perfect combination of beauty with brain. Try noting down your weak points.

2. Improve Your Body Language and Looks:-

Work out on your looks in a favorable way. Try improving your body language and for this purpose, work out on your posture as well as the way you stand and the way you walk, the way you talk, etc. as all these can really bring about the desired changes in a personality. You simply need to overcome all the weak points noted down by you

3. Note down Your Strong Points Now:-

You may or may not be able to overcome all the flaws that you have got with yourself, but some of them are sure to get removed. Note down your strong points now. Try to understand more and more about the people and learn to take an advantage of their weaknesses.

4. Learn from Other Women’s Mistakes:-

There may be many mistakes that your fellow female friends keep on telling about? Well, simply note them down and bring about the use of each and every such mistake not to let it happen with your case and thus fortify yourself in a better way like this.

5. Make Yourself Economically Stronger:-

Now after that you have got everything that can make your situation stronger within the society where you live in, you may choose to go for making yourself economically stronger afterwards. This includes you to have an economical background developed for yourself and this can be done completing your studies, making career and then achieving a satisfactory position within a firm that pays you according to your caliber. Once you develop all these qualities along with the financial backup, you will soon develop into strong women.


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