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How to Stop Pregnancy from Growing

How to Stop Pregnancy


Pregnancy can be regarded as the state of a female in which she gives birth to young ones. If I make you understand it scientifically, I will rather say that it is just a fertilization of female egg from male sperm that makes a girl give birth to her off springs. If done prior to marriage, pregnancy can cause you a blunder and thus there comes need to look for the approaches that can help you stop it from happening in your case and thus here we have come with some simple tips for you to stop pregnancy in a better and mature way following some tips that I am mentioning here.

How to Stop Pregnancy from Growing (5 Steps)

How to Stop Pregnancy from Growing

1. Learn When To Say “No” To Your Partner:-

Sometimes in life, females find it impossible for them to oppose their partner for sex and what becomes a reason for them to get pregnant much before the desired age for it to happen. Learn to have control and decide your limits. You can fix up in your mind that you would not have sex with your partner till you both get married or you may think that you both will not get physical much often or around your periods.

2. Nothing Without Precautions:-

The next thing that I will advise you is never to go for sex without protection. If you want to bring your relationship to another level by getting physical with each other, I will advise you to use protection first. There are condoms available in markets for both males and females and they can be used by you to stay free from the case of pregnancy. The male condoms can be wore on penis and women condom is to be inserted in the vagina like what you do with the tampons.

3. Birth Control Pills:-

If you still make a mistake while getting physical with each other, You can choose to go for birth control pills like I-Pill etc. In order to control the fertilization process of ova and prevent yourself from getting pregnant as well. These pills can be purchased from any leading medical store.

4. Get Aware About Pregnancy:-

The more you come to know about something, The better you take decisions about it and thus I will like you to gather knowledge about pregnancy as much as you can. Avoid simply everything that can make you pregnant and you will get sorted for sure.

5. Avoid Bad Habits:-

It has been seen that sometimes a girl who drinks much frequently becomes an advantage for bad boys. Never drink anything given by some boy in the parties. Make your drink yourself and never get drunk with alcohol. There are some sleep drugs that boys add in parties in girl’s drinks and then rape them without their knowledge which can make them pregnant. I would like you to avoid such habits in order to live safe.

6. The Ultimate Abortion:-

If despite these options, You are still going to get pregnant and the tests for it come positive, You can choose to go for an abortion that you can do going to any hospital after consulting with doctor and filling up all the forms needed for it. Abortion will kill the baby in womb itself.


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