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How to Stop Obsessive Thoughts

how to stop obsessive thoughts and calm down mind


Sometimes in life, you are thinking too much about yourself or a person or a particular thing. This condition is absolutely not normal as you are in an urge to achieve that thing either by hook or crook. Often when you experience such thoughts in an access, it becomes a big problem for you. A problem as bad as madness itself. Obsessive thoughts can make you jealous of someone and if not brought under control, they can make you mad about anything. If you are experiencing such thoughts about anything or a particular person/object, you should immediately seek for ways in order to bring this habit under control.

how to stop obsessive thoughts and calm down mind

How to Stop Obsessive Thoughts

1. Meditation to Forget Any Though Which Is Obsessive:

When you have obsessive thoughts in your mind, just sit and relax. Listen to your favorite music or chant a mantra in your inner self without speaking it with your mouth. Focus on that music or mantra instead of focusing on the obsessive thoughts in your mind. Medicating this way can make you get rid of all the obsessive thoughts.

2. Self Control:

Sometimes, self control can also prove to be your helping hand against the obsessive thoughts that you have in your mind. Just make yourself get indulged in some other hobby and your mind will feel diverted against these obsessive thoughts. Play games, enjoy parties, and go for movies and parties. This will make you have a kind of control over the feelings that you have in your mind.

3. Don’t Let Yourself Fall a Prey to Anxiety or Jealousness:

You should never let yourself fall a prey to anxiety or jealousness if you wish to get rid of these obsessive thoughts. When you are in a state of worry or when you are feeling nervous or uneasy about something with an uncertain outcome or result, it is always likely to make you a prey to anxiety or jealousness. If you keep both these feelings away from yourself, you are sure to stop experiencing obsessive thoughts as well.

4. It Is Ok Till You Do Not Get Negative:

When you experience obsessive thoughts in an initial stage, it is always easy for you to forget or suppress or dominate them with other thoughts. Being positive helps you in this direction and thus it is always advised to be positive and to keep negative thoughts blocked in such a situation.

5. Find a New Achievement:

Often these thoughts come into your mind when you are jealous against something that another person has or any achievement that he or she has made. Suppose if someone got a promotion that you deserved or if someone recently purchased a car that you always wished to purchase, your mind is sure to experience such thoughts of jealousness which make you experience obsessive feelings towards it. In such cases, you should find a new achievement for yourself who is even larger than the one that the other person achieved and you will stop experiencing such obsessive thoughts.


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