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How to Stop Lack of Motivation

How to Stop Lacking Motivation


Motivation refers to a sense of encouragement that a person has for a particular work or job. When we are working for a particular field/person or purpose, there is a time till we are full of enthusiasm and urge to work. This is the time till we give best of productive results as there is a motivation somewhere, but soon after some time, we feel a kind of tired or we encounter a lack of motivation which brings about a lack of activeness and thus we get less productive. In order to enhance productivity in any work, it is necessary to stop lacking motivation. In order to stop lacking motivation, these tips will prove helpful for you.

How to Stop Lack of Motivation

How to Stop Lack of Motivation

1. Tell yourself that you can do it:-

The best way to stop lacking motivation is to tell yourself that you can do it. Whenever you feel lack of motivation, just close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Try to focus on your goal and forget every other feeling that you are coming across. Now tell yourself that you have to do it and you will have to do it. A sense of motivation will itself arrive in your mind.

2. Do Not Take Your Work as a Mountain; Trim It To Form Small Rocks:-

Some people take a specific work as a big mountain in front of them which makes them fearful just after starting the work. If instead you take it as a small rock, it would get easier for you to climb it. Just keep on focusing on a single part of your job at a particular time. Don’t see the entire mountain but just see its one specific part at a time. The mountain will soon appear like a small rock and you will soon climb it.

3. Stay Accountable and Free-Minded:-

According to a famous team leader and motivation expert, if you stay accountable and free minded, your motivation never gets vanishes with time. With each coming moment, your condition keeps on getting fortified against impediments that you have put before yourself and thus we also advise you to be accountable and free-minded in order to stop lacking motivation.

4. Choose Work According To Your Interest:-

Here I remembered a sentence that my boss always speaks, “Choose work only according to your interest as the thing you are interested in is always easier to do”. He is very much true in this sentence, as when we choose a job according to our own interest, it appears as if the impediments in front of us are nothing and we accomplish the job in a favorable way.

5. Stay Away From Those who discourage you:-

There are always some people who seek for multiple ways to discourage you. Getting discouraged by someone can make you lose all the motivation you have in a small span of time. You should stay away from such people in order to stop lacking motivation.

6. Make A Progress Chart:-

Make a progress chart. This will make you know the level of your progress and will also tell you how far you have achieved or accomplished your work. This way it will get easy for you to keep a track of achievements made so far and you will be able to sustain your motivation in order to achieve even more.


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