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5 Steps to Solve a Rubik Cube Quickest Way

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube Instantly


A Rubik’s cube can be understood as a multicoloured that is also known as a magical cube that is basically a colourful puzzle cube in which the person has to arrange all the six faces in a pattern that matches perfect colour symmetry. Basically all the six faces are covered each with nine stickers and that too multicoloured. The colours include white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow and the person will have to arrange all the 6 faces with these six colours each side in a perfect symmetry.

5 Steps to Solve a Rubik Cube Quickest Way

Steps to Solve a Rubik Cube Quickest Way

1. Choose One Colour To Start With:-

In order to solve up a Rubik’s cube, First of all you will need to choose a colour that you want to begin with. Like suppose you start with red colour. Set to the face that contains most of the Red faces. Now try to move up the other colours such that the red coloured faces come together at the same face.

2. Learning Up The Algorithms:-

If you are a Mathematics student who has studied the chapter of permutations, combinations and probability then you must have judged it yourself that the probability for you to solve this puzzle naturally without any cheat code is quite low and thus you will need some cheat that can enable your mind solve this puzzle in a better way. The cheat for solving a Rubik’s cube can be known as an algorithm. These algorithms can be researched by you in order to apply them to the Rubik’s cube in your hands.

3. Try Picking Up A Single Layer:-

It is not possible for anybody to solve all the layers in one go and thus I will advise you to concentrate on a single layer first of all. You can choose to concentrate on the layer which has got most of the pieces similar in it and then try to assemble it first and then go for the others one by one. This will improve your chances to solve the puzzle in a better way.

4. Practice More And More:-

Cram up the solving algorithms, try to apply them and keep on practicing as somebody has rightly said,” practice makes a man perfect”. The more you practice it, The more you get familiar with the order of colours on this cube and when you get familiar about the order that which cube is placed opposite to which cube, you will be able to solve it in a better way.

5. Don’t Just Apply The Algorithms But Learn How They Work:-

It has been seen that some people who come across algorithms to solve Rubik’s cube try to apply them without even understanding how they work. Try to follow the pieces while applying an algorithm to judge where the pieces are going and when the one piece moves in a certain direction, where the other one goes? This will make you get familiar with each and every face and colour and you will be able to solve the Rubik’s cube even faster than you were doing it while applying the algorithms directly.


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