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6 Steps to Play Chess for Beginners and Win Every Time

How to Play Chess For Beginners


Chess is a two-player strategy based Indian board game that is played on a chessboard, which is a checker game board with 64 square grids arranged in an eight-by-eight grid pattern. The game has been played in India since time immemorial and is proven to improve your brain as well as your thinking skills. The game of chess is played amongst the people of all age groups and thus with its increasing craze amongst people, there comes a need to look for the approaches that help us play it in better way. The simple procedure to do so has been explained by us in this article.

6 Steps to Play Chess for Beginners and Win Every Time

Steps to Play Chess for Beginners and Win Every Time

1. Arranging the pieces:-

Each player begins the game with 16 pieces, one king, one queen , two rooks , two knights , two bishops, and eight pawns. Each of the six piece types moves differently and thus the players make their moves based on the rules of game. Each piece can be moved to its fixed steps and fixed direction only.

2. Making the moves:-

There is a specific direction and specific number of steps for each of the pieces. Talking about the king, he can walk in any direction, but just one step. Even the pawns can move just one step ahead, but they can take that step ahead in the line parallel to their actual grid as well but only while killing another piece of chess. The queen can take any number if steps in any direction, but this movement can be made just according to the rules of game.

3. Work out on a better strategy:-

Now when you come to know, how exactly each of the pieces will move, you can choose to go for the further gaming approach. Make your moves and defend the moves of your opponent. Your aim is to save your king and defeat your opponent by killing his king or you can even choose to kill all of your opponent’s army one by one.

4. Confusing your opponent:-

After learning how to play the game, work out in continues betterment of your strategies. Keep confusing your gaming partner. The more your opponent gets confused, the more number of wrong moves will be made by him and the more you will be able to defend yourself against his moves.

5. The game rules:-

In order to become an expert chess player, you will need to memorize each and every rule of the game. The more familiar you get with the rules, the better strategies you make and the better strategies you make, the better goes chances for you to win.

6. The final Check-Mate:-

You can’t make your partner loose before going for this step. You will need to say check before every time you feel close to beat your opponent’s king which means you are warning the opponent that his king is in danger and the next step is “mate” means the end. If the opponent is not able to save the king, his king gets beaten up and he looses the game. You have to speak both of these word in order to win being another rule if the game. Rest is all practice and practice that you have to do in order to become a professional chess player.


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