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6 Important Steps to Have Healthy Hair and Long

Important Steps to Have Healthy Hair


Hair is what enhance our looks and gives us a picture perfect look. People spend bucks on their hair style and on other hair care approaches like hair styling, rebonding, shampoo, conditioning, etc which prove to waste much of the money in their pockets and still such people are not able to bring about the desired hair health. If you wish to maintain proper hair health, you may choose to go for the following approaches that we are mentioning here.

6 Important Steps to Have Healthy Hair and Long - HowFlux

6 Steps to Have Healthy Hair and Long

1. Proper Oil Massage at Regular Interval:-

In order to enhance the hair health, the first approach that you may choose to go for is to go for proper hair massage time to time from tips to the roots as regular application of hair oil is not able to reach the roots as we are in a hurry to reach our work places but this can be tackled sparing a day to go for oil massage of your hair.

2. Lice & Nit Removal and Proper Conditioning:-

The lice and nits that get produced in your hair or reach your head by the means of some fellow friend or coworker of yours can really spoil the health of your hair and thus you are advised to keep on checking them as well. Simply make use of a nit comb so as to tackle the nits and go for the perfect conditioning of your hair afterwards.

3. Neem liquid Bath for Hair Scalp Treatment:-

Neem, which is an Indian medicinal plant has got all your hair problem solutions. Simply pluck off some of the leaves from this tree and boil them in water. Now take off leaves from this water and bathe with this water when it gets cooled. The water rich in neem properties will surely make your scalp stronger and problem free.

4. Say No to Chemical Products:-

Sometimes the chemical based gels and hair dyes etc can really prove to be devastating for out hair like the ones rich in ammonia. You are advised to keep off from such products so as to enhance your hair health. Avoid chemical based shampoos and conditioners and instead choose to go for the herbal ones as they are associated with fewer side effects after application.

5. Egg Yolk Treatment for Proper Hair Care:-

Take out three-four eggs and beat them with a spoon so as to take the yolk out. Apply this yolk on occasional basis on your hair before bathing and then keep it applied for an hour or so. The egg yolk can be rinsed off with water afterwards. The egg yolk has got the property to strengthen your hair and relieve you from scalp related problems as well.

6. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Dandruff Problem:-

If you are experiencing the problem of dandruff related to your hair, you can also choose to go for some good anti dandruff shampoo so as to get rid of the problem of dandruff and enhance your hair health. You can also choose to condition and nourish your hair afterwards. Henna can also be applied on occasional basis on your hair so as to get added benefits.


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