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5 Steps to Getting Rid of Wasps Nests

Get Rid of Wasps Nests


The wasps can really leave you devastating sometimes. These can be stinging or simply roaming up your head that leaves one irritated much often and when they make a sting, which proves to be really painful with a lump like structure forming over the skin because of the acid left by the sting in the skin. Though this lump automatically disappears after some time, but still wasps are a problem that you may wish to get rid of and if even you wish the same, the tips we are mentioning here may prove to be helpful to you.

5 Steps to Getting Rid of Wasps Nests

5 Steps to Getting Rid of Wasps Nests

1. Find the Wasp Nests and Spray up the Basic Solutions:-

First of all, you will need to make some efforts so as to go for the physical inspection of the site and check if there is some wasp nest present in the surroundings. Clear up this nest by burning it with some protection used with your body or you may even choose to sprinkle some basic solution like that of a soap or detergent to these nests so as to get rid of wasps.

2. Put up a Fake Wasp Colony:-

You must have heard that tigers and lions mark their territory by urinating out there so that the other animals may get an idea that there is a wild cat living there and they may stay away. Well the same if the case with wasps as well. They choose to stay away from other wasp colonies and thus you may choose to put up a fake wasp nest in the associated area so as to get rid of them giving them an idea that there is actually some other wasp colony build out there.

3. Seal the Existing Hideouts:-

The existing hideouts of wasps in your surroundings should be sealed so as to not let the wasps enter them again. Simply cover them up with a polythene bag or put some boric acid in them. You may even choose to go for the insecticide sprays and bring them home so as to sprinkle these sprays on the areas or colonies where the wasps reside so as to get rid of them.

4. Have Eucalyptus or Mint Plant Potted in Your Home:-

Another approach that you may find beneficial for you so as to get rid of wasps is plantation of eucalyptus or mint in your surroundings. I had read it somewhere that wasps never like the smell of these plants and thus choose to stay away from them. Mint and eucalyptus are rather used as a home remedy in various treatment approaches as well and thus it will give you added benefits if you plant these plants in your surroundings.

5. Block off the Open Pipes if they are residing in:-

Wasps may sometimes choose to reside in the holes of pipes like the one your staircase is made up of. This may put you in danger and thus you should seal off every open pipe the wasps choose to reside in.


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