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6 Easy Steps to Generate Electricity with Magnets

generate electricity with magnets


You must have heard about the fact that even the electromagnetic induction or magnetic field can help you generate electricity. When electric charge is passed through a copper wire loop or a solenoid, a type of charge gets developed in it that can be bought in use so as to make electricity. If you wish to make use of magnets so as to make electricity, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Easy Steps to Generate Electricity with Magnets

6 Steps to Generate Electricity with Magnets

1. Make the essentials gather the tools:-

In order to make electricity with magnets, the first thing that you will need to do is to gather up the tools that you will need for this purpose. You might need a scissor, a tape, some copper wire, an insulating tape, an iron rod or iron nail, a powerful permanent magnet etc.

2. Cut the cardboard fixings:-

Take a round plate, preferably of 4-5 centimeter diameter placing it on the cardboard sheet and make two circles with the help of pencil on it. Cut both the circles with the help of a scissor and then make use of those circles so as to fit them on the iron nail in such a way that there is a 3 centimeters distance between both of them.

3. Make the solenoid:-

After both the circles of cardboard have been fixed up, the insulation tape needs to be applied on the area in between them and the copper wire needs to be revolved on this part of iron nail. The more the copper wire windings are, the better will your solenoid work and thus there should be at least 1000 windings of the copper wire or more depending on your choice.

4. Attach the Low power appliance:-

The two ends of the copper wire that are free can be attached with a low power appliance like the small LED bulbs that come fixed up in the small battery cell operated torches. Now either you will need to fix a rotating head with this part of the apparatus or you will need to make a rotating base for the permanent magnet that you have kept with yourself for this purpose.

5. Bring the magnet in contact:-

If you have made a rotating base for your permanent magnet, simply attach the permanent magnet to this rotating base and start rotating it with your hands and see if the LED bulb glows. If it does not, try moving the rotating base towards the solenoid, it will glow for sure this way.

6. Increase the windings or magnet power:-

The more the power of the magnet, the better will be the amount of charge generated or you may say the more the copper windings with the apparatus, the better will be the power generated and thus both these factors can help you with power generation purposes.


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