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5 Steps to Drive and Operate a Tractor

How to Drive a Tractor


You can take a tractor as a engineered vehicle that is equipped with much power so as to carry heavy loads and pull them in an easy way. Tractor is best suited for the cultivation of the fields and is used as a farm vehicle that is bought in use to provide power in various processes and make the cultivation based jobs easy to do. When attached with the trolleys, a tractor can prove to be a great means for carrying loads like vegetable and fruits in bulk and thus proves to be an effective means of transport for all. If you are planning to learn it here, we are explaining the procedure for doing that.

5 Steps to Drive and Operate a Tractor Step by Step

5 Steps to Drive and Operate a Tractor

1. Starting Up A Tractor:-

Modern day tractors can be easily started with a key like what we do with the cars by simply inserting the key and rotating it to start the tractor, but some old versions of tractor might even need an iron based starter to get the tractor started and thus if it is an older model of tractor, you might need to spend some labor in putting the starter at the front nozzle and then rotate it with full force so as to start the tractor.

2. Shifting Up The Gears:-

The gear is at the side in case of a tractor and you can choose to go for any speed mode, including the first five gears and the reverse one as well. Each time you will shift the gear, you will need to get it back to neutral and then switch to the next gear. This way you can switch from 1 to 5 so as to get the tractor in forward direction with the desired speed and even reverse gear so as to take it backward.

3. Breaking And Other Things:-

There is a break given at the leg area of the tractor that you will need to apply with force so as to stop a tractor and you might even need to shift the gear to the neutral while doing that. Tractors are often heavy and thus should be driven with care and the other things like horn, indicator, etc. should also be kept in mind while driving.

4. Attaching the Trolleys:-

There is a trolley attaching gap given at the back side of your tractor that you can bring in use so as to attach multiple trolleys with it. Simply take the trolley head and attach it to the back side portion of the tractor in such a way that it stays tight. You can even manage to insert an iron rod in that space so as to avoid any detachment of the trolley while driving it.

5. Maintenance of Tractor:-

After continuous practicing for some time, you will come to know how to drive a tractor. It is preferable if you learn driving it in the empty fields or some ground and not on roads so as to avoid any accident and meanwhile you should also take a good care of it besides going for proper maintenance of it along with proper furling as well.


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