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5 Steps to Drive a Scooter for the First Time

How to Drive a Scooter


You can take a scooter to be a two wheeler means of transport that works on the power of engine oil and fuel that its tank stores in it. Scooters have remained in fashion since the age of two wheelers started and scooters can be both gear less and gear equipped. There is an extra spare tire fitted at the back for emergency cases and awesome goods storage capacity. Many of the people still love to use it as it is still a passion for people and with the existing demand for this two wheeler in market, there comes a need to learn driving it.

5 Steps to Drive a Scooter for the First Time

1. Understanding the Parts of A Scooter:-

In order to learn how to drive a scooter, First of all you will need to learn what are the parts of it. There is a handle that can be used to take turns while operating it, there is a break in your right hand, there is a clutch in your left hand, there is a break at your right leg, there are specific buttons for the indicators and lights and the most important, you can shift up the gears with your hand only as the gearbox is attached with the handle and thus even the speed changing stays in the hands of the driver.

2. Starting to drive:-

Now before sitting on the scooter to drive, I will advise you to put on a helmet and then kick start the scooter by pressing the clutch in your left hand tightly and kicking start the scooter. If you are on a modern scooter, it can be self-start based on the electric start technology as well.

3. Moving ahead:-

After the scooter has got started, you will need to switch on the first gear if the scooter was in neutral mode and slightly leave the clutch giving the race by making use of the accelerator. The more you rotate the accelerator, the more will be the speed, but you will need to do that in collaboration with the gears that you need to keep on shifting.

4. Dealing with the speed:-

It is strictly advised that you follow the traffic rules as well as the speed limit fixed by the traffic department of your area strictly and if you want to increase or decrease your scooter’s speed, you will need to make use of the gears. The gear is printed with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 and thus you can easily shift to the speed modes. You can make the scooter switch to neutral when you want it to get unable to move. You can make the use of brakes when you want to stop the scooter and reduce the speed by switching the gears to the lowest and applying the brakes.

5. Indicators and lights:-

The indicators and lights are fixed at the front as well as the back and the sides of a scooter at their respective places and there is always a dedicated button for them that you can bring in use so as to drive a scooter in a safe way. Give side indicators while making a turn and blow horn when somebody is ahead. Rest is the proper maintenance and practice and you will be a perfect scooter driver one day.


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