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6 Steps to do You Know You Have Cancer

Steps to do You Know You Have Cancer


The estimate if a person is suffering from cancer is made on the basis of the symptoms he is suffering from. There are some sings and symptoms relative to each and every type of cancer and the diagnosis is made after a person reports the symptoms to be seen with him. The analysis that the doctor makes with these symptoms is the base for further approaches and surgeries and the further treatment plans as well. In case you need to know if you are suffering from cancer, you should keep in knowledge the signs and symptoms that we are mentioning here.

6 Steps to do You Know You Have Cancer - HowFlux

6 Steps to do You Know You Have Cancer

1. The Stage Wise Symptoms:-

The stage wise symptoms can help you a lot to know if you are suffering from cancer. The symptoms might me less in the initial stage and they might start increasing afterwards. The symptoms of cancer may include a fever, fatigue, unexpected weight loss, feeling of weakness, itching, excessive hair growth, long term constipation, change in bowel habits, diarrhea, change in size and smell of stool etc.

2. The Moment It Starts Spreading:-

It has been proven that the free radicals that get formed due to the process of oxidation have a major role behind the spread of cancer cells. As the cancer grows, it will get carried to the nearby organs by these free radicals and the signs and symptoms will start getting seen. The tumors will get seen and the likewise sufferings will occur.

3. Do Not Panic Even If You Have Symptoms:-

If you have got the symptoms that we mentioned in the first point, it still does not confirm that you are sure to have cancer and these might be a side effect of some other injury as well. You are advised to not panic in such a condition and reach the nearest diagnostic centre to get the symptoms diagnosed.

4. Feel the Solid Mass:-

In certain types of cancer, a solid lump gets formed inside and that can be felt when you try to pinch the skin from that area. This lump, often pains when you touch it and this is commonly seen in breast cancer as well as other such cancers that include lumps getting formed.

5. Bleeding A Sign of Skin Cancer:-

There may even be a sort of bleeding associated with some of the cases as well. The skin cancers are often related to bleeding and there is a development of sores that do not heal normally. People chewing tobacco often meet this type of cancer.

6. Cancer without Symptoms:-

Certain types of cancers are not even associated with any such symptoms and these are not in the knowledge of an individual even if the cancer gets enlarged. This includes the pancreatic cancer that is not associated with symptoms and people generally not get a clue that they suffer from it till it gets much advanced in stage. This comes to an individual’s knowledge when the stage has gone beyond critical. These types of cancers should not be waited and you should go for a diagnosis the mean time you feel even a single sign of it.


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