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5 Steps to Build Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Powerful Steps to Improve Self Confidence


Self confidence refers to the belief that one has got in oneself. It has been proven universally that those who have got this sense in them never fear the impediments of life and can do even the difficult tasks in an easy way. To have confidence in oneself is a good quality and those who have got self confidence in them never fail in any aspect of life. If you wish to bring sense of self confidence in yourself, you may choose to go for the simple to follow tips that we are mentioning here in this article.

5 Powerful Steps to Build Self Esteem and Self Confidence

5 Steps to Build Self Esteem and Self Confidence

1. Know the Difference between Foolishness and Smartness:-

In order to bring about the confidence in yourself, you will first of all need to know what is difference between foolishness and smartness as people try to befool you in certain ways. You should know when you are to do something and when you are to avoid it. Having confidence in yourself does not means you take an initiative to do even the things that are against laws and instead that should be taken in a productive way only. You should know when someone is trying to take an advantage of your innocence.

2. Be ready To Take an Initiative:-

Be ready to take initiatives, but provided they are productive and not destructive. Try to tell yourself that you have got the courage and abilities to complete the tasks given to you in time and take interest making efforts so as to accomplish them as well.

3. Take My Mantra,”I Am, I Can, I Will”:-

Whenever I feel that I have lost confidence, I just chant my mantra in my mind and that is, ”I am, I can, and I will” Whenever I chant this mantra, it fills me with enough will power so as to accomplish the tasks before me. Simply tell yourself that if you cannot do that, nobody else can do that and thus make every necessary effort to accomplish that task in a favorable way.

4. Smartness and Self Confidence Go Hand In Hand:-

Yes, truly said that smartness and self-confidence go hand in hand. If you are smart, then you will be self-confidence as well and if you have got self-confidence, you will be smart as well. Try to solve things in a mature way being smart and responsible enough to do that and you will see that your confidence on yourself is increasing in a favorable way.

5. Take an Initiative with Responsibility:-

Those who look towards life in an irresponsible way and wait for others to complete their tasks and then begin their work always stay at a loss. The difference between rabbit and tortoise in the story that we used to read in the pre primary classes was just that the tortoise was self-confidence but the rabbit was over confidence which proved to make him loose the race and thus you should never wait for others to start and instead you should start yourself when nobody else seems to have the courage to accomplish something.


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