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6 Easy Steps to Become a Writer and get Paid

How to Become a Writer


A writer is a person who creates a composition or a story or a piece of work by combining words in an understandable and meaningful form. A writer is a person who describes a particular situation of a story into words and thus a writer is himself a story teller as well as a story creator. In order to make a career into writing, you just need to follow some simple steps that I am mentioning in this article.

6 Easy Steps to Become a Writer and get Paid - HowFlux

6 Steps to Become a Writer and get Paid

1. Workout on Your Vocabulary:-

In order to become a good writer, you should be good in vocabulary as well. Start learning new words and learn making a use of those words. The more you read other’s writings, the more your vocabulary will increase. You can choose a specific language first and then enrich your knowledge of words with it.

2. A Good Writer Is A Good Story Teller:-

A good writer is a good story teller. Suppose you are to describe a particular situation, you should know how it will be explained and you should keep in mind how the audience will be entertained with it. Learn how to add flavor to your piece of work and know how to make it interesting. No matter how you are in looks and body language, a good writer does not needs these things, but he should know how to describe the feelings of the characters he is writing about. A good writer always stays attached with the characters of his composition.

3. Freelance Writer:-

If I talk about freelance writing, most of the current day writers are self-made and self-employed writers. You can choose to tie up with some I.T based data entry work provider as an article writer or you may start writing for yourself by writing stories and getting them published after tying up with some local publishers.

4. Creative Writing Course:-

You can even manage to get trained in writing by asking some professional writer to train you as an assistant and you may also choose to get trained by joining some creative writing based course for getting trained in writing as well. You can also choose to tie up with some local magazine or some local newspaper so as to write compositions and stories for them.

5. Create Your Own Stories:-

The more you learn to write your own stories , the more will you get trained and this way you will keep on improving day by day. When you get properly trained in writing, you can even choose to write some piece of feeling based writing like some novel or short stories based on lives of people so as to get popular amongst the people. The more people like your compositions, the more famous you will get amongst them.

6. Article Writers:-

If you do not want to be a novel or a story writer, you can also choose to work as a newspaper or a magazine based article writer. These people have to compose news in the form of articles for the firm they are working and this way they earn a handsome salary besides having the career that you are interested in.


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