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Why Step Farming Is Common In Hills

Why Step Farming Is Common In Hills


Step farming is a way of farming common in the hilly areas or mountainous regions. This mode of farming includes the fields to be introduced in the form of steps and instead of ploughing; the land is tilled with hands in the form of steps that are brought into use for the purpose of growing crops. If you reach the mountainous areas of Uttarakhand, you will see that the majority of farming done in these areas is step farming and if you are doubtful, why this type of farming is practiced in this area, the information that we are providing here would prove to be beneficial for you to understand the reason behind it.

Why Step Farming Is Common In Hills

Why Step Farming Is Common In Hills

1. The Difference between Step Farming and Normal Plain Farming:-

There is just one basic difference between basic farming and step farming and it is that in step farming, no heavy machinery is bought in use and it is done entirely with manual labor cutting down mountains into small steps while the normal farming is done with the help of modern machinery like tractors and cultivators, turbines etc. The normal farming is done on plains cultivating the soil ploughing it first and then converting it into partitions which are then bought in use for the purpose of farming.

2. Get Familiar with the Mountain Areas:-

Mountains are not plain and have a height somewhere while a slope somewhere and hence one can’t make use of tractors or cultivators etc. In these regions which is why people have tried turning these regions into step like creations that are easy to be done farming with. This has been bought in practice since time immemorial and thus is even practiced today.

3. The Requirements of Farming:-

The basic requirements of farming include a place that is able to hold moisture as well as a place where the roots are able to have a grab of soil. Turning down mountains into small steps, the water gets able to reach even the lowest portion of your field and even the roots have a better grab of the soil which is why the step farming process is commonly used in such regions.

4. The Tradition of Step Farming:-

Step farming has remained in tradition since time immemorial. When earlier there used to be no heavy machines to clear the mountainous bulk of rocks, this process was bought in use even at that time and thus is prevailing method of farming in such regions since that time only.


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