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Step by Step on How to Ride a Motorcycle

How to Ride a Motorcycle Step by Step


Motorcycles can be regarded as an easy to travel two wheeler means of transport that everybody prefers in order to travel distant places. Motorbike driving is simply an art, easy to learn and remember and just needs to follow a simple strategy making the use of part implemented in in a schematic way and thus here we have come with some tips for you following which you will be able to drive a motorcycle much easily.

Step by Step on How to Ride a Motorcycle

Step by Step on How to Ride a Motorcycle

1. Starting a bike:-

In order to drive a motorcycle, first of all you should know how it will get started. To start a bike, you will need to go by the first three alphabets of English i.e. “A” for accelerator, “B” for breaks and “C” for clutch. You need to switch on the bike inserting the key in it and press the clutch tightly and kick start the bike. If there is an option for electric start, you can go for it as well.

2. Usage of gears:-

Now, as you start the bike, you will need to slowly leave the clutch in order to make the bike move ahead. The bike will move only if you switch it from neutral to first gear. As the bike moves, you can go for an increase or decrease in the speed of your bike using these gear modes. Each further gear can be shifted using your feet and pressing the clutch.

3. Break usage:-

Now, as the bike moves, there will be an increase or decrease in your speed according to the situation. There is a leg break at the right side that you can apply in order to apply a pause to your speed or in case you want to apply instant break, you can go for the break in your right hand as well. The brakes need to be tight and the breaking quality depends on they type of breaks. If you have got disk break, you will need to keep on checking the brake oil in the oil tank as well.

4. Indicator, horn and Headlight:-

Now keep practicing so as to go for your continuous betterment and remember to practice first in an empty ground and then on an empty road. You should use indicators when you want to take turn. When you want to turn right, give the right indicator and when you want to turn left, give the left indicator. If you see any vehicle or any person coming from the front, you need to give a horn. You can choose to switch on the headlight at night.

5. Servicing tip:-

When you come to know how to drive the bike, you will need to take good care of it as well. Keep getting your motorcycle serviced and maintain proper level of engine oil in it. You should check the brakes fluid and tightness of the bike chain as well.

6. Precautions:-

While driving a motorcycle, you will need to follow some precautions. You will need to put on a driving helmet in order to follow the safety measures. You are also advised to maintain proper documents as well. The documents may include driving license, R.C, pollution papers, Insurance papers etc.


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