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Step by Step Instructions on How to Play Cricket

How to Play Cricket Step by Step


Cricket is a game that is played with two teams of 11 players one of which does bowling and the other does the batting. This one is the 2nd most popular sport if I talk about the world and in it a bowler delivers the ball which the batsman at the another side hits with a bat in his hands. The batsman makes every effort to make it reach the boundary and the bowling team dodges the ball shot by him to catch the ball. This game is really interesting and attracts a huge fan following and this is the only reason for its craze on cricket fans.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Play Cricket

Step by Step Instructions on How to Play Cricket

1. Selection of Perfect Place:-

In order to learn playing cricket, You will first have to fix a place for playing it. You can choose to play it in some playground or some park. Remember to have the protective gears as well as the other essentials like bails, stumps, bat, ball etc be available with you for proper playing experience.

2. Selection of Team And Overs:-

Before starting to play cricket, You will need to judge the number of over for which the match will be played first of all. You can keep it a five over match or a ten over match or even a twenty over match depending on the time you have. Each over comprises of six balls to be thrown by the bowler. In order to decide which team will choose to bat and which team will do bowling first, You can choose to toss a coin and decide with the head or tail.

3. Run Making Strategy:-

The team that chooses to bat first will send its players in a row of two one amongst which will set on for batting. One will remain on the batting side while the other will remain on run taking side. The bowler will throw the ball and batsman will make a shot hitting the ball.

Both the batsman will then run to change their places by running in order to take the runs and a fielder will keep on standing besides the batsman for the ball to be thrown by the others. If one of the batsman has not reached the home boundary for batting and the keeper throws the ball to the stumps making them fall, the batsmen will get out and if the ball goes off to the boundary the batsmen will get four runs. If the ball goes in the air crossing the boundary, It will be a six.

4. Wicket Taking Strategy:-

Each team works on a strategy to win. The eleven players of bowling team keep on standing in the field to make a catch which means another batsman got out. If the ball gets wide and the batsman is not able to hit it, The batsman gets one run plus one extra ball and thus there is a great need to work on the running strategy as well.

5. Get Aware about The Rules And Terms:-

There are certain rules and regulations without which cricket can’t be played. Make yourself aware about all those rules in order to play cricket with a professional touch and keep on practicing, You will get perfect like this one day for sure.


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