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Step by Step How to Knit a Sweater

How to Knit a Sweater for Beginners


Women’s always like to do something creative for their family members. When winters are about to come, they start knitting something for their family members that keeps them warm and free from winter problems wearing which they always remind her face. Housewives can always be seen knitting something for their families and thus in this article we are explaining some ways to knit a sweater in a proper manner.

Step by Step Instructions How to Knit a Sweater

Step by Step Instructions How to Knit a Sweater

1. Choose The Right Equipment:-

In order to knit a sweater in a better way, you need to choose right equipment. Purchase knitting needles as well as wool of right choice. You can choose one of Ostwald company or that of Vardhman company. These ones are the best for making woolens out of wool. Going on the wool shop, you can even look for the better designs that they keep with them as samples. If you are making something for a child, you can even look for soft wool. Remember to Look for the buttons that will suit with the thing that you are going to make.

2. Knitting Classes:-

You can simply learn how to knit from the next door neighbor of yours or you may ask some of your relative to teach it in a better way. If nothing works, you can even go for the knitting classes that many boutiques keep on organizing time to time. Basic knitting can be learnt even by watching knitting based videos on

3. Knitting Magazines:-

You might even find some knitting magazines available in the market. These magazines are specialized to teach you how to knit. If you don’t find one in your locality, you can ask your newspaper hawker to bring it for you or you may go to a woolen showroom and ask for them. The magazines like “Sarita” or “Grahashobha” keep on coming time to time with new woolen designs that you can experiment at home.

4. Experiments Make You Learn More:-

Now when you know what you have to do, start experimenting. You can make a woolen pair of socks for your hubby or you may try making a cap for yourself. You can even try to make a simple sweater as it does not take much of your labor. You can even call some of your friend to knit sitting together as it enriches your skills in a way that if you start doing something wrong, she will be there to guide you.

6. Start By Something Small And Continue Making It Big:-

Someone has rightly said,” Rome was not built in a day”. You can start by trying to make small things and continue making them big. Start by making a sweater for some small child in your family first and then try to get big by trying to make a cardigan or some sweater for some family member.
You can then try out new and tough designs also. Once you learn to make new designs, knitting will get easier with each coming day.


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