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How Stealing Affects Your Future

How Stealing Affects Your Future


Stealing refers to an act of theft, which includes you to take something which does not belong to you. If you went to a shopping store with stuff organized in particular racks and you took something out of any rack without permission, it will be called stealing. This is also called shop lifting if you steal while shopping. Copying someone else’s intellectual property or thoughts is also called stealing. Stealing is an activity common in childhood as this is the stage when a child’s brain is still in the age of growth. Stealing affects your future in certain ways. Some of these can be explained as follows:-

How Stealing Affects Your Future

How Stealing Affects Your Future

1. If The Habit Is Not Left In Time:-

It is ok if a child steals anything. We can teach him good habits and he will soon get changed as it is still an initial stage of development of his mind, but if this habit is prevailing in someone even after passing the age of adolescence, this would be really troublesome for the subject and other members of his family.

2. If You Are Caught:-

If you are caught while stealing in childhood, nobody will care about it as you are still a child, but if this habit is taken in the future as well, you will be considered a thief or a robber instead of an innocent child. Someone can file a case against you and once you get registered with police records, you can’t apply for any government recruitment as well.

3. You Become A Part of Hate:-

The one who steals in childhood is a part of innocence, but the one who steals as a grown up is always seen with eyes full of hate. In some cases of theft, the thief is beaten without showing any mercy. When you commit a big theft and get caught, people beat you so hard that it is enough to take your life or to make you half dead.

4. Loss of Self-Respect:-

We know nothing in our childhood and thus there is no feeling associated with us if we take anything without other’s knowledge during this time, but if we steal something after growing up, we become a part of Guilt, shame, embarrassment, punishment etc. In some of the cases even if you run away, your family members have to bear all this on your name.

5. Punishment Is Big Sometimes:-

Punishment is even big sometimes. All your property is sealed and your family members get homeless. Nobody keeps them on job as they are relatives of a thief and thus they have no option but to starve and spend nights on road where they are prone to road accidents, animals and even sickness due to rain or bad weather.

6. Makes You Mad in Several Ways:-

A habitual stealer gets mad sometimes. He is still a human till he has a family but once he crosses the family boundaries, he gets mad. No relation in this world sounds good to him. There is just one thing in his mind and it is revenge. You have no life, no-one to love or care about and no hope for future. You just keep on getting madder day by day.


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