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6 Ways to Stay Safe on the Internet and Email

Stay Safe on the Internet and Email


Internet means the freedom to search for anyone and get connected with him. These days the features like video call conferencing and superfast instant messaging service, etc. have proved to connect millions of people together on internet, but with the increasing usage of something, there comes the limitations as well and one of these limitations that internet usage faces today is cybercrime. People sitting on internet try to make usage of spywares, malwares and phishing websites to befool you and take the confidential information out of these approaches so as to make an ill usage of it. You may choose to follow the tips that we are mentioning here so as to tackle such problems.

Stay Safe on the Internet and Email

How to Stay Safe on the Internet and Email

1. Stay Aware of The Cyber hacks:-

There are many cases of cyber hacking reported these days. Such people seek to get your confidential information from you by hiding the web address of their website with some other resembling website and then make usage of it to make you reveal all such information that can be bought in use to hack your account.

2. Have Some Antivirus Installed In Your Device:-

In my view, most of the Gmail files you receive have viruses in them. Half of the files available on internet are virus infected and even if you have no virus in your system, still there is always a risk of receiving a virus over internet and thus I will like to advise you not to install anything in the system before going for a virus scan of it.

3. Do Not Reveal Your Personal Information To Strangers:-

You are advised not to reveal your personal information to the strangers and it should be strictly followed in case of girls. Recently a case was reported where a girl gave all the basic information about herself to a boy who later on started following her to her workplace.

4. Have Privacy Maintained:-

Have the privacy maintained with your social networking or mailing account. Keep blocking the unwanted people and have the messaging and friend adding, status viewing features maintained with privacy. This prevents strangers to get an idea about your life and they are thus unable to make an analysis of your private life which prevents them from entering your life or to make usage of information related to you as well.

5. Do Not Use Your Credit Card On Unrecognized Websites:-

It has been seen that the cyber robbers create some phishing websites that will look like the genuine websites to you asking you for your credit card number, your name, your account number and other such information, but let me tell you that there is no bank in this world who will ask you the pin code of your credit card. You are advised to use your credit card online only when you are confirmed about a website.

6. Have the Troubling People blocked:-

There is a folder called spam folder. The unwanted message senders should be moved either to the spam folder or they should be completely blocked so as to avoid receiving unwanted messages from them.


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