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How to Start up an Internet Cafe Business

How to Set Up an Internet Cafe


An internet cafe is a shop where computer components are sold and reaching where one can surf internet at cheap prices. Often cyber cafe’s have a number of computer systems which can be bought in use for E-mailing, word processing, social networking and filling online forms etc. for which you are charged and the cyber cafe owner earns from these only. Cyber café business is a business with which you can earn in the easiest way as in this tech friendly world, approximately everyone uses a computer and an internet connection and thus this field has a scope for both, earning as well as business. You can follow these simple steps in order to start a cyber café of your own:-

How to Start up an Internet Cafe Business

How to Start up an Internet Cafe Business

1. Decide A Suitable Place:-

In order to set up an Internet Café, you will first of all need to decide a perfect place in order to open it. This can be near or around a school, a company or a government institution as these are the institutions with most internet and word processing based requirements. If you do not own a shop in such an area, you can get it on rent but do not forget to make a rent agreement with the owner first.

2. Get registered As a Proprietor If Possible:-

A proprietor is an owner of the business which may be big or small, depending on the business and its production. In order to get registered as a proprietor, you will first need to think about the name of your cyber café and then you can get a proprietor account opened in any government recognized bank submitting a copy of your rent agreement along with a copy of your personal identity card and a proprietor form signed by a C.A. Though this one is not a necessary step as it all depends on your income from a firm if you should get it registered or not and once you get registered, keep a record of all your savings, spending and earnings. Deposit your income in this bank account only.

3. Decide a Budget:-

Unlike getting registered as a proprietor which was an optional step, deciding a budget first is always mandatory process. Decide your budget of investment and spend money for the electricity bill, internet bill and all other equipment and charges according to this budget only.

4. Purchase a Broadband Connection and a Router:-

The first thing to do after deciding a budget is to purchase a broadband connection and a router. Though most of the broadband connection providers also deal in the sales of routers as well, but here I will recommend you to purchase either a Dlink Wi-Fi router or TP-Link router as both of them are speedy ones.

Broadband connection can be the one which suits best in your area. Just after purchasing a shop on rent, you should think about executing this step as to get a broadband connection and router will either require you to look for the telephone line based connection or it will operate on an antenna based connection. You will also have to pay an amount of security along with the bill for data plan as well as the amount for purchasing the router. The total amount spent for router and security won’t exceed more than four to five thousand rupees in any case and the data plan charges can vary from one provider to another.

5. Multiple Computer Sets and a Working Electricity Connection:-

If you just wish to start a cyber café where forms are filled and print outs/word processing works are made, you can start it at low level with just a laser printer and one or two laptops or computer. If you wish to increase the level of your work, you can purchase multiple computers connecting them with cables or Wi-Fi to build up a LAN connection in order to connect them and offer internet usage services with your cyber café.

6. A Perfect Strategy and Staff:-

Last but not the least, you should work with a perfect strategy and you should keep on maintaining the records of money spent, money invested and money saved or earned. Choose your staff smartly and offer your services at cheap prices in starting to attract more customers. Keep toners and cartridges ready in advance to serve as a back-up option and also plan for an inverter connection if your area is prone to electricity power cuts or failures.


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