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How to Start Talking to an Unknown Girl

how to start talking with an unknown girl


Do you start stumbling while approaching a girl? Does your voice appear to be shivering while talking with her? Well, congratulations you are in love as this is one of the initial symptoms of love and infatuation. You are exactly suffering from the situation where you do not know what is right and how you commit something in a perfect way. By adopting a slight amount of care and using your guts and nuts, you can easily approach a girl and start talking with her. Here are some ways which will help you during the same:-

How to Start Talking to an Unknown Girl

How to Start Talking to an Unknown Girl

1. Establishing the Friendship:-

First and foremost, you will need to put forward a hand of friendship in front of that girl. Begin by borrowing a book or copy or pen from her and keep it with you for some time. When you reach the girl to return the borrowed thing back, don’t forget to thank her and ask her for friendship. She will surely say yes. If she is alone, you can also ask her for a coffee as a gesture of thanks to her.

2. Social Networking Factor:-

The girls of these days never prefer talking face to face, but they get too close with someone on social networking websites very easily. In order to start talking to any girl, just make a Facebook account, find her name in the search field and send her a friend request. Message her when she accepts and begin with a simple “Hi” or “Hello” from your side.

3. Shake Hands whenever you meet:-

Ask her to meet with you on a café/coffee shop for any reason. If you have no such reason, tell her that it’s your birthday and ask her to meet you at the destined place. Don’t forget to shake hands with her and then begin your talks ahead. You can even propose her in such a moment, but only if your tone is bold and not shivering.

4. Tell Her That She Is Good:-

You can be talking anywhere with your girl till this time. Let it be any social networking website or a public place or school canteen, café, coffee shop anywhere. Just tell her that she is good and you like it when she speaks. Girls always like complements. Tell her that she is a perfect friend and you will always appreciate if your friendship stays lifelong.

5. Keep on Getting Close:-

Keep on getting closer with each coming day. Ask her for her phone number and ask her to help you in some personal issues. Keep your shoulder always ready for her when she needs some support to place her head on it and cry. Make her feel dependent on you like this.

6. Make Your Talks a Bit Interesting or Dirty:-

You can customize your conversations now with her according to your intentions. Keep your relationship normal if you take her just as a normal friend. If you take her as your best friend instead, you can make your conversations more interesting or if you are in love or infatuation with her, just start making your conversations somewhat dirty while talking with her about relationships and ways of making love. Tell her that you have fallen in love and when she asks you the name of the person, just speak that it’s you.


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