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Stages and Symptoms of Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer Symptoms and Stages


The Symptoms of A Blood Cancer Are As Follows:-

In leukemia type of blood cancer, the patient is marked up by an acute devastation of health sustaining r.B.C’s the person starts to perspire and sweat starts coming out of his body.Th person undergoes breathing shortness and infection is also likely to occur in this case. Even the lymph nodes are likely to swell up. This can be chronic or acute showing nearly no symptoms in the chronic one and showing the symptoms at a rate even faster in the acute one.

Stages and Symptoms of Blood Cancer

Stages and Symptoms of Blood Cancer

In lymphomia type of blood cancer, lymphatic nodes start swelling up as the area is of lymphatic cells that gets affected in this type of cancer. The swelling generally causes no pain. Other symptoms include loss of weight and feer in some of the cases and night sweating is also rampant in this type of cancer. Other symptoms include fatigue, nausea, and food aversion and fullness of abdomen in some of the cases.

In myeloma type of blood cancer, the patient is likely to free of symptoms, though a generic feel of fatigue, back pain and infection may take place accompanied by breathing shortness and chest pain.

Staging in blood cancer:-

blood cancer involves four stages,

in the very first and initial stage of blood cancer the presence of lymph nodes gets enlarged making the risk level to be an intermediate one and the prognosis is yet to be spread and affect the other physical structures in the body.

The second stage involves the enlarged presence of spleen as well as the liver and the lymph nodes get more enlarged. The lymphocytes start growing more rapidly. But the risk level is still less as compared to the third and fourth stage.

The third stage includes the development of anemia in the body of the patient. The organs like lymph nodes and liver start swelling more. Though still this stage is having less risk level than the fourth and the last stage.

The fourth and the last stage includes a huge fall in the number of the blood platelets in the body of the patient. Lungs also start getting affected besides the liver and lymphatic nodes making the situation worse than before anemia becomes more acute and hence increases the risk of life to the patient. Still with these difficulties and problems, blood cancer still remains curable.


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