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Stage 4 In Mesothelioma Cancer (Fourth Stage)

Stage 4 In Mesothelioma


In the fourth stage of mesothelioma, the cancer tumors have made their way throughout the body of the patient suffering from mesothelioma and to the other distant organs. the treatments in the fourth stage are thus palliative instead of being curative.

Stage 4 In Mesothelioma Cancer

Stage 4 In Mesothelioma Cancer

the treatment goals in making a patient live longer and reduce the pain and improve the symptoms. in the most advanced stage of mesothelioma, the tumor growth gets intensified and the curative surgery becomes totally ineffective. cancer has spread its arms to the both sides of the body in this stage. it extends to the lymph nodes and other organs including brain, prostate, spine or the lining of the heart.


symptoms of the stage four include the lungs being affected badly because of tumor spreading. other symptoms include fever, night sweats, chest wall pain, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, fluid retention in the abdomen, abdominal pain, fatigue, and anorexia etc.

some patients are even seen to suffer from weight loss, muscle weekness, fatigue and the loss of appetite. cancer in this stage also causes problems with the blood, including the increase in blood platelets. and anemia or a low red blood cells count.


To treat mesothelioma in this advanced stage, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used to slow down the cancer growth and reduce the symptoms as the complete removal with surgery can’t be done though we know the cancer at this stage is much intense and the main focus is to increase the life of the patient. traditional treatments may prove helpful to increase the life of a patient.

while in the options of a surgery, doctors generally do not recommend a curative surgery. as the spread of tumor is usually too vast at this advanced stage. however if necessary, one can get benefited from less extensive surgery procedures. surgeons may attempt to remove some parent of the tumor mass as possible or target only problematic tumors to help patients survive more comfortably with less pain. and in the options of chemotherapy, doctors often treat the cases of stage four with chemotherapy.  first of all a CT scan is performed typically that produces the images that show clearly the parts suffering with cancer.

the drugs used in chemotherapy can slow out the growth of the tumor and might get the tumor shrinked in some of the cases. these results remain extending the time of the survival of a patient. being in the most advanced stage the patient needs to be handled with more love and care. and the main focus should be to extend his life.


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