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Stage 3 In Mesothelioma Cancer (Third Stage)

Stage 3 In Mesothelioma


In the stage three or in the tertiary stage of mesothelioma, the cancer has spread itself to the lung lining and the chest on one side of the patient’s body who is suffering from mesothelioma. curative surgery still remains an option but only if the cancer is respectable, curative surgery can be done along with other treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Stage 3 In Mesothelioma Cancer

Stage 3 In Mesothelioma Cancer

In the tertiary stage, the tumours have spread themselves throughout the lining of the lungs and chest cavity on one single side of the body. affecting the lining of the heart and diaphragm, chest wall as well or nearby fatty tissue. in this type of stage, cancer cells have spread themselves to the lymph nodes, located nearby, but not to the opposite side of the lining of the lung. so the main focus still remains to increase the life of the patient.


Talking about the symptoms at stage three, the symptoms in this stage are majorly caused by tumours growing on the affected lung lining and throughout the chest cavity. a tumour that invades the chest wall can cause increased chest pain, while tumours forming around the lung may cause difficulty in breathing.

The symptoms include an infection in the lung like it is seen in the case of pneumonia or bronchitis. the other symptoms include shortness of breath, dry coughs, chest pain, tightness in the chest, and fever. though the   symptoms may differ from patient to patient depending on how the cancer is spreading itself throughout the body of the patient.

Treatment Options:-

  1. the tumours in stage three are considered to be advanced locally, but the surgical removal with extensive surgery still remains an option.
  2. chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be used further to get rid the body of cancer cells following the surgery. a treatment including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery is recommended to the patient at this stage.

The first option is a normal surgery to remove the affected or deteriorated part from the body and then talking about chemotherapy, it is always performed after the option of surgery.

Systemic chemotherapy is an option if the treatment has not become complex till the moment and in complex cases, heated chemotherapy can be used.

Heating chemotherapy includes, the drugs being circulated through the chest cavity during surgery. the drugs included in the chemotherapy of the patient suffering from mesothelioma are the drugs like cisplatin, carboplatin, pemetrexed and gemcitabine. and another treatment option, radiation therapy which is also usually done after surgery but a new research has found that when radiation therapy is applied before surgery to shrink tumours, it gives more survival rate.


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